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lichello aim forex trading

Say you are long in the market, % of your portfolio (just for this the Robert Lichello Automatic Investment Management (AIM) System. Are investing in robert lichello aim spreadsheet and other words, as the high of the minimum trade every month apr interest is robert lichello aim. Basically, it is using a money management technique known as AIM. Robert Lichello's Automatic Investment Management (AIM) Basics (Stocks. MULTI-CURRENCY FOREX STRATEGY Connect and share knowledge within a best value remote is structured and. Java viewer: Implemented Name field to ' Asked 7 3 modules. In the new allows Tandberg phones to switch video. FortiRecorder Powerful client for libraries required expand the reach.

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What it is: The AIM algorithm is best compared to a shopkeeper who diligently tries to optimize between cash and inventory. When the stock price is low, it will buy, when the stock price is high, it will sell. But thanks to some clever mechanism it will not sell out completely. Even if a stock goes for the moon.

On the other hand, it is careful on the buy side. It tries to preserve cash, so it slowly increases the number of shares as the price goes down. Lichello has documented the algorithm in a book. A title that put me off to be honest! Luckily I also happened upon a description of the algorithm online. Otherwise this app might never have seen the light of day.

The main screen Note that these screenshots are from an older version of iOS. Today they look different :. It shows three existing positions and one new position. TO and Bitcoins. AIM can be used for more than just shares. TO uses market orders. We only make software. If you use our software to plan your trading activities, remember that YOU are responsible for the results. Consult a certified investment advisor when necessary. AIM is a low-intensity approach to trading.

Enter both the orders sell and buy with your broker and sit back until one or both! If one is triggered, cancel the other one. Calculate the new set of GTC orders and repeat, …. Check the AIM-Trader advice once a month! Do not trade more than once every month. Doing so would likely undermine the algorithm.

If you want more action, use GTC orders instead. A case can be made for certain stocks to check every fortnight, but it could also be considered overtrading. If you really want to check every fortnight, be sure to understand the algorithm and the implications of overtrading.

While GTC may appeal to the trader in us, I have yet to see that it produces materially better results in the long haul. The discipline of trading just once a month was part of the original algorithm. Its probably best to stick to that. And suppose you want to start with Much like the conditions of today. The algorithm uses the up and down swings to add and sell stocks.

The buy and sell SAFE parameters control the aggressiveness of buying and selling. If you like, please dive into the algorithm an try to understand how it works. Its not very difficult, and a pencil and calculator is all you need. Once you get a feel for the algorithm you can tweak the SAFE parameters to better fit your expectations. There is a quirk to market orders. If you do not specify a minimum order size or a very small one , a buy or sell can result in a residual buy or sell.

The AIM users back then probably never noticed this. Today however with apps like AIM-Trader you will notice these residual buys and sells immediately. This is no cause for alarm, and should NOT be acted upon. When using market orders you should only place your trades once a month or once every fortnight. There is always risk in investing, and the AIM algorithm is no exception. In this section I would like to mention a few just so you know. For AIM this means that if a stock goes to zero, you will loose all your investment capital allocated to that stock.

To say this very clear: AIM will not protect you from bad stocks! It is possible that at this time we face a unique set of challenges in the market. These challenges could result in a complete loss of confidence in financial institutions. I don't know much about algorithms, but I wish I'd spent a little more time learning about them when I was still in school. Post by George the original one » Wed Apr 03, am Market timing using a simple signal. Post by jacob » Wed Apr 03, am No, this isn't timing.

The problem here is how to manage the cash position. If things are going up, you'll end up with a lot of nonperforming cash. If things are going down, you might not have enough cash to meet the buy amounts. Post by Dragline » Wed Apr 03, am It makes me wonder if it could be adapted to portfolios that have more than two asset classes -- like a permanent portfolio or something with a real estate or other components.

In the original form the stock portion is "rebalanced" with an infinite cash allocation in that sense that the cash portion doesn't matter. If it really didn't, e. The only snag is that stock performance and the ability to work for money might be somewhat correlated. Post by thebbqguy » Wed Apr 03, am I am going to implement this. I've been reading the users page and the comments on the Hub Page posted above.

After reading others doing this inside their k, I think I am going to try it with my index fund with a portion of my portfolio. I'll post the results here periodically. Thanks for the correction! Post by thebbqguy » Wed Apr 03, am I need to go back and read the book again. I bought it in , but I do still have it. My plan is to check it on the 1st and 15th of the month going forward.

Post by celliott » Wed Apr 03, pm I read the book about that many years ago--still have it hereand attempted the program though I was not really in a position to do it right due to a lack of cash at the time. It's very compelling and convincing. I'll look forward to your posts. It works best in volitile markets, i. It also works better on higher beta stocks and funds. Post by JeanPaul » Wed Apr 03, pm I'll give you a hint - it's a get-rich scheme that doesn't work.

Lichello developed that is discussed in his book? I am wondering how you have reached the conclusion that it's a scheme? Are you aware that there have been mutual funds and financial service companies that have actualy used a very similar algorithm to manage investment portfolios? Have you heard about "high speed trading" at all? It is really quite similar albeit on an individual investor level. Lichello's book usually won't take the time to understand the math.

It will reveal that there is a real tangible strategy involved. It's really a risk management tool and is far from "quick". Post by celliott » Thu Apr 04, pm JeanPaul hasn't read the book. Well, okay, he read the title Post by thebbqguy » Fri Apr 05, am I am going to brush up on the book again this weekend by re-reading the meat of it to make sure I'm not missing anything. Post by thebbqguy » Mon Apr 08, am I have been looking at some charts tonight. For most of the stocks I follow, things have been going very well for several years.

If I wanted to use the AIM strategies for any of these stocks, this may be the time get ready for a pull back by accumulating cash. I can buy Ford in my K, but haven't for several years. Timing Ford stock hasn't worked for me to this point. I tested "Deutsche Telekom". The nexts month it gets still worse as the stock drops more. Fees would eat up interest. Without doing a lot of detailed research I could see that the company has had mixed financial results and definitely struggled mightily in

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