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Mgfc forex broker

mgfc forex broker

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The fence therefore appears in the form of a best fit straight line. The fence was erected some years before my neighbour bought the properly, but he now claims that it is in the wrong place and should be on my side of the stumps that are mainly about 14 Inches in diameter To rc-ereci the fence as a best fit straight line on my side of the stumps would involve an area of perhaps 25 yards which I am reluctant to concede without good reason, even though in the form of a very thin strip some yards long!

Is It true that the actual boundary should accurately he described as running through the middle of the stumps? Is it of significance that the fence, although belonging to my neighbour, would in fact have to stand on my land if it were sited on my side of the stumps? The mid-line of the stumps is most likely to be the true boun- dary line.

If so. I fall to see the difference in principle between the gain realised by one's share in the sale of trust property and the gain realised by the sale of one's share in the capital of a company or investment trust. The inspector said that tbe assets concerned belonged to the trust. I would say the same about a company. In neither case is the gain being made by the outright owner. Are there regulations governing or touching upon this matter? If not, do you think that the claim for a rebate can be pursued successfully?

On the bare facts outlined, your tax Inspector is right. Equity and logic hare little place in the looking-glass world of CGT. My father- In-tow may take on part-time work and would like to know what amount he could earn before becoming liable to income tax. How will entitlement to rates rebates be affected by the building society mortgage, payments under deed of covenant and part-time earnings?

Since you will need the services As they were saying. Claim for a rebate Under a trust established by my grandfather I was allocated a share of the proceeds following tbe sale of property. Tax was deducted before allocation.

The tax inspector now Informs me that this trust gain and my tax return are separate and that I should not have included it and that no tax rebate is due to me. Would it be better for my wife and I to execute a joint deed or wonld this be prejudiced by the guarantee I am required to give? How will tbe income of my parents-in-Jaw b?

Is the grossed up amount of building society interest paid deed of covenant, as well as in the house purchase, guarantee etc. On the bare facts, we do not recommend that your wife j covenant to pay more than her i in actual interest from the build- ing society. We do not recom- mend a joint covenant either, as a general principle. A point to watch out for is that a covenanted annuity to a couple vulnerable to age-allow- ance clawback can cost the payer more than the net benefit to the payee.

Am I right? You are correct — unless the reader is lucky enough to have a tax inspector whose sense of natural justice overrides his or her regard for the letter of the law. The authority for this oen? The result could well be that the reader ends ud worse off than if he had left the money in his current account — an unexpected twist to a gift.

All inquiries will be answered by post as soon as possible. A fortnight ago he had surprised the stockbroker by pointing out that contrary to the general impression the price of gold had not fallen out of bed this year. Certainly it had come down terms of the U. And this was not helping his UK business. What puzzled him was that the prices of some other metals, copper and silver in particular, had fallen from the levels of a year ago in terms of all currencies.

I know that this was after a special tax bill of SSSm. These abridged particulars do : shares. Limited J. The Application List for foe Ordinary shares now being offered for sale will open at a. Vincent Street. I need some- f OUn dation four years aco.

But test marketinx threw up a number of technical MWnts and some orders wet« cancelled or deferred. During the past sue months, three Lloyd's brokers— Derek Bryant. One major stunribling block is the as per. Brokers cash in on risks per cent in the two months since Steel Burrill. Tones— the largest tire group, with an end-of- of tire, dollar's in U. Steel Burrill Jones has been thp outperformer of recent months, with its shares rising from an early May placing price of llQp lo I73p, falling back to p by the end of June, a net advance of 40 per cent.

Although the trio conduct very different classes of busi- ness. More than SO per cent of their broker- age is dollar denominated. This is a far higher proportion than for most fully-listed brokers, and should make them prime beneficiaries strength. Dewey Warren has made its name from handling unusual : risks in excess and surplus lines, while Steel Burrilt Join's is a specialist in; excess of lay; marine reinsurance, where rates have been driven up recently bj the Gulf War.

Miss Hubar wuw that the. What else? So do stockbrokers Buck- master and Moore. At current sbare prices, real value is starting to appear again and the mining market as a whole appears to be oversold. This advertisement is issued in compliance with the Regulations of The Stock Exchange. Copies of the placing Memorandum may be obtained from:- Fulton Packshaw Ltd.

Or their market values? Nevertheless, It attracts the interest of chart analysts, the " practitioners of a particular land of market magic. Chartists look at things dif- ferently. Instead of casting far and wide for explanations they. It Is a mixture of mathematics, ex- perience and intuition. Almost anything can he studied in this way from currencies and interest rates to shares in Associated Fisheries.

But gold is particu- larly suitable, say the chartists, because it is traded in a highly developed market which operates 24 hours a day. Critics argue that it is impossible to predict markets in this way since they are influenced by too many external factors. Richard Lake, partner with stockbrokers Raphael, Zom. He suggested it could be in the summer or in the autumn. If these forecasts are loo vague then Brian Marbcr. He predicts that since gold has fallen below S33S.

So the banks, cheque guarantee after many years pondering images are somewt I different approaches. Alongside the signature is an intaglio printed panel which has the same feel as a hank note if you run your nail not your finger, as the hanks claim over it and which includes a latent image which can only be seen from a certain angle.

So far in this country the main problem is tampering and changing of signatures on cards. Counterfeit cards are much more widespread in the U. Relatively few blank cards are stolen in the post from the bank to the card holder. Most are stolen from pockets or hand- bags and. This is why women are more susceptible vic- tims.

It Is much easier for men to carry their cards and cheque books in separate pockets, a fac- tor which is at least acknow- ledged by some banks. The bulk of the cards with either forged signatures or genuine cards with forged cheque signatures are passed. Credit- card companies have managed to contain some of their fraud by having free tele- phone authorisation at the retailer end while banks do not have for cheque guarantee cards. This they point out i mm ediately doubled the level of fraud in the following year.

For the first time, the largest building societies broke ranks last week and announced different mort- gage rates. Abbey National announced the highest mortgage rate over- all last week and is expected to lead the field on the say- ings side. But so far.

Several money market bank accounts are offering similar immediate access accounts 3t a rale of 7. Alliance is expected at least! Bristol and West is offering a similar account with Standard Chartered Bank. The Bristol arrange- ment. This has the advantage of automatically sweeping your money into the interest-bearing account. Investors are choosing higher interest accounts over ordinary- share accounts more than ever before.

But large societies have not yet improved their pre- miums over the BSA-advised ordinary' share rate, which nnw stands at 7. They may do so after measur- ing the inflow of funds and any loss to National Savings during the coming weeks. In the mean- time. For example, whereas the lar- gest societies offer seven-day notice accounts at S. Greenwich Building Society- offers 9. For larger balances, both offer? On 2S-day notice accounts.

Ye: Lambeth Building Society offers 9. Bolton has announced a Tate of 9. Paddington offers 9. On M-day notice accounts, the largest building societies only offer 9. U00 and over. Property Owners is ctirrenlly offering S. However, the issue will be closing tn new invest- ments on that day so you had better move quickly.

Tlli-se jijfii r. With interest compounded you A : earn 8. Come on in to the benefits of Cheque-Save. Just complete the coupon and send it to us with your initial investment. United Kingdom Houw. OOU joint account. HB ef« «« tfa. But ey seem unable to use that pital to Live off. The most common reason is at their wealth is locked up their home. So there they re- tin with their homes as unable make proper use of them as ng Midas was of his gold.

And as the first generation take part In the post-war om in owner occupation iches retirement, the problem likely to become more acute. Too few elderly people have areciated their advantages Hciently to make them rom- Tcitflly viable. But the attrac- ts of such schemes are not lited to those elderly people o are struggling below the verty line with only a slate nsion to support them. One Is that it is risky to hodd too high a proportion of your wealth in one type of asset In the s the rise in value of residential property outstripped that of almost any other sort of investment.

But over the past three years, with the effective tax subsidy to housing falling away, and the equity market and gilt market showing high returns, housing has not been an attractive in- vestment A paper published this week by the Policy Studies Institute confirms the new trend. The second reason that even the moderately wealthy may find H advantageous to use up the wealth embedded in their homes has to do with tax — in fact two different taxes.

One is Capital Transfer Tax. And even a modest home, particularly if it is in the south of England, may push your estate over the tax threshold, when it Is valued together with all your other possessions. Capital Transfer Tax is prob- ably the most avoidable tax in the Inland Revenue's armoury.

The simplest way to avoid the tax is to start making gifts dur- ing your lifetime, so as to make use of the annual and ten-yearly exemptions. But if most of your wealth is hound up in your home, you will not find it easy to give away small parts Df it. And even if the legend of King Midas does not frighten you. Some of the schemes for un- locking the wealth in your home have a further tax advantage. They allow the elderly occupier to obtain tax relief on the interest payments on a mort- gage which he or she takes out.

This gives the largest advantage to the higher-rate taxpayer. This scheme is called a home income plan. This sum is then used to buy yon an annuity which will assure you a regular income until your death. The interest payments on your mort- gage are taken out of the annuity payments. But the capi- tal on the mortgage is not re- paid until you die, when your house will normally be sold off to pay the debt You obtain full tax relief on the interest payments of your mortgage, under a special con- cession granted to the elderly.

By contrast, only a small part of the income from an annuity is taxed as the Inland Revenue is willing to consider most of the payments as merely the return of capital. The other type of scheme available is more radical. The amount of money you can un- lock is potentially much greater, as you actually sell your home i whilst retaining the rleht to continue living there until your death.

The schemes available will normally offer you about 50 per cent of the market value of your home, although the older you and your spouse are. In some versions of the scheme, you are given a lump-sum pay- ment allowing you to spend part on, say, a round-the-world holiday — and with the remainder you can shop around for an annuity. Often you will be able to find one offering higher rates than those which are tied ro the home income plans. You also have more flexibility so that you could buy, for example, an index-linked or rising annuity.

By surrendering the equity in your house in contrast to the borne plans where you sacrifice none you also surrender any benefit from a rise in house prices. But the converse is also true. You eliminate the risk that house prices will fail to keep up with inflation. The most obvious disadvant- age of the scheme is that you will be unable to bequeath your home to your children or any- one else.

However by living off the wealth formerly tied up in your home, you may be able to give other assets to your children and in such a way as to avoid capital transfer tax. The other drawback of these schemes is probably more serious. If you are obliged to leave your borne For some un- foreseen reason. The purchasers of your former home may pay you only a small sum for giving up your tenancy early. The adjacent decision-tree is designed to simplify what must by now appear to be a highly complex decision as to what scheme to choose.

Arc you over 70 years old? Do you wish to receive a lump-sum! T5 Abbey National and Ham- » Provident home income ns will from next week offer re or less the same net in- ne. With Home Rever- sions, there is no option of tak- ing a lump sum. Normally this makes little or no difference. In the sa I e-an d -I ease-b ack-f or- life camp, the basic division is between the Home Reversions plan, which offers only an annuity, and the other plans which pay you a lump sum.

Only go for Home Reversions, if you want a fixed annuity. Some addresses: Abbey National, b uilding society — details Cram any local branch. TeL: T ns fa thetw » dtfrftont dmxm that you may wish to row home without buying another " end po«»ibty move into an old peodf'l borne?

YES tr Do you believe inflation wifi average less than 3 per cent over the next 10 years 1 Are you able to purchase an annuity which is wdl above the average market rate far your age and sex? Fowler has certainly appreci- ated that in any system of per- sonal pension provision, con- sumer protection is all impor- tant.

But what the document does not spell out is how that protection is to be provided. The statement emphasises the n? Self-employed pension con- tracts which are ayilable to any- one in non-pensionable employ- ment operate on the same prin- ciple as proposed for PPPs. The contributions paid into the plan are invested and the accumu- lated sum at the time of retire- ment is used partly to pay the investor a lump sum tax free under current legislation and partly to provide a taxable pen- sion.

The size of the accumulated cash, and hence the amount of the pension, depends on the size of contributions, the investment performance of the underlying funds and interest rates at the time of retirement. The promotional literature from life companies and inter- mediaries for self-employed pen- sion contracts invariably follows the same format. It gives the example of the investor paying the same annual contribution to retirement and showing the benefits in cash form.

The table shows the examole given in :» promotional leaflet from National Westminster Insur- ance Services— an example selected at random. This example is misleading in that both the contributions paid in and the benefits paid out are all quoted in pounds with no attempt made to adfjust far infla- tion. This leads on to the second misconception over the assumed investment return. Unit linked pension contracts assume a con- servative rate of growth in their projections and usually use three different rates of interest to illustrate the possible varia- tions.

But traditional life companies have no hesitation in using cur- rent bonus rates in their with- proflt projections. Interme- diaries sell traditional wilb- profit plans mainly on the strength of which life company can produce the highest projec- tion. This aspect ig causing concern within the life assurance indus- try and the actuarial profession. Stewart Lyon, the outgoing Pre- sident of the Institute of Actuaries, hit out at this current practice, which he felt was mis- leading in that with falling in- terest rates life company actuaries were considering cut- ting bonus rales.

His attack on current prac- tices was considered in these columns a few weeks ago. Since Lyons is on the commit- tee inquiring into provision for retirement then no doubt Fow- ler has been made aware of these news. Vie watt to see whether Lyon's own life com- pany, Legal and General, will heed bis criticisms. But at the very least, warning notices should be published with adver- tisements.

Lost a packet on London and Liverpool? The Financial Times is considering a series of articles on private investors with a tale to ten about the way they play the stock market. Whether you beat the market or always lose out, whether you follow the experts or ignore them, please write to Stefan Wagstyi. Anonymity guaran- teed, if requested. In ;. UK investors put more than llbn mto these funds, attracted by tbe tax breaks they offered.

Then, as now. But the fluctuations will be small, and your capital is not at risk. And in spite of the image of the offshore operator as a swarthy, shady individual in dark glasses, there is no more chance that your money will fall into the hands of the reck- less or the dishonest Ilian with any onshore bank or building society. Nearly all the roll-up funds have City merchant banks as their ultimate sponsors, although the administration has to be based offshore to obtain the tax advantages.

Since January these tax breaks have been drastically curtailed by Government. The advantage the toII-up funds offer is That of being able in defer income lax on your gains until you cash in your investment. This is particularly useful if you are likely in he in a lower tax bracket when you withdraw your investment, possibly be- cause you have retired or are working abroad.

However, as was pointed out on these pages two weeks ago. As long as the money remains in your hands and out of those of the taxxnan. Assume a pre-tax interest rate of 10 per cent and that you do not need to cash in your invesi- mcm for 15 years. Even if you keep your money invested for only five years, your effective tax rate will bp reduced from 3»i to 21 per cent or from 60 to 49 per cent.

Thus as a long-term invest- ment. Uipher-rate taxpayers will normally achieve a higher return from National Savings certificates or low-coupon gilts than building societies. But even for them, offshore sterling deposit roll-up funds will yield HP fms a higher return if held for more than about 10 yearn. The closest relative to these roll-up funds is the onshore money market bank accounis or mist funds, whose interest rates are quoted in he back of this newspaper.

Both types of fund invest their money in similar low-risk instruments such as bank deposits, cerhfi- caies of deposit and ultra-short- dated Government securities whose maturity date is usually much less than a year away. But the funds change thvir policies according to ihcir out- look for interest rates. At present, moM have the bulk nl their money lied up for only seven days or less. In terms of these pre-tax yields, there is little to choose between the offshore rnll-up funds and the onshore money market funds.

Bui as a lone- term or even medium-term investment the offshore funds have a decisive tax advantage. However, the onshore funds offer chequmc facilities least for paying nut! One comparison however can be made with mure cer:a is ilial ot the. Debenture Cctp. Rothschild Montagu Inv. Montagu Inv. Remnant Throgmorton Inv. Montagu inv. Trust Man. Gearing ever 5 years Factor to Is Capital shares. A Shares partly pad. I q Published quarterly. Tel; The investment IVust booklet 'More for yonr money' is now available.

Send for your free copy today. Tfel : Although it pointed out that me Sloanes have centred on oil and Park and environs. Jus even Pimlico, Putney, attersea, Barnes and Kew. South Kensmg- m. Fulham and Chelsea Southwest 3, 1, 7, 10, 6 and 5 i that order. The original Sloane was of mrse physician Sir Hans toane who gave his name to ie area.

He bought the Manor ' Chelsea from William, Lord heyae in By , as ;oane had died without a son. Sarah took e western half and married eorge Stanley, creating Sloane ;anley Estate Elizabeth. Many of the chunky, solidly lilt mid-Victorian red-brick. Numbers 56 and 58 have been stylishly restructured by City and Provincial Estat es into eight two-bedroom apartments, including a pair of penthouse- maisonettes added to form, an extra storey.

It has a large panelled living room with a south-faring balcony. Details: Hon. The company is already at work on its next project, 31 and 33 Cranley Gardens, SW7. The Soane area, which comes under the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is well supplied with estate agents.

On Monday, August 6. Savill's residential department is for- saking the qwet backwater of Grosvenor Hill. Oil-fucd central heating. Dogging Mocr averaging l9SBrace. Bshmgon the Rfvw Loth. Tdn3 Modem and traditional fcnn bulLBnga. Potential for on' 13 hole championship golf course, country duh and tiraeshare development.

Usual fees required. SW3, are a pair of restored nid- Victorian properties converted into eight 2 bedroom apartments. Details Hon. Middlesex, once the Dower House to the Duke of. Northumberland's lSlh century Adam-denned Syon House, are now a treasure trove of sculp- ture for the outdoors.

A life-size gladiator raises his sword menacingsly. The warrior is stone, the boy marble, and the king of the jungle terracotta, but their life- like qualities cause many a startled stare from passing cars at Busch Comer on the busy London road. Savills currently have a strong following of foreign buyers for London houses and flats. The figure of 42 per cent overall in has risen to Details Robert Suhagier.

For a fee of li per cent of the eventual price we will scour the market to find something suitable, inspect the place, advise as to value, and negotiate the sale. The rooms are good-sized, but complete modernisation is needed.

London SW3. Details Robert Buhagier, 3 Sloane Gardens. For more details contact Sir Nicholas on the current tele- phone number, , or the new one. He will also send a free copy of their summer magazine, whose illustrations include former MP and government whip Sir Spencer Le Marchanfs pent- house at Rivermill, Grosvenor Road. Nicholas Elton has an apartment for sale in the refurbished Sloane Square House.

It has hardly been lived in since being redecorated by the present owner, and people will pay this kind of money for somewhere immaculate in this sort of position, he says, even though it is only a short lease. For visiting Rangers:. Oscar Wilde, and. Sir Hans Sloane. There is a programme of event too. The firm dates back to Tom Crowther. Tom was a stonemason who produced marble mantels and tombstones in the workshop of his London home. When imports of Italian marble threatened his livelihood, he turned to the buying and selling of the fittings of old houses about to be demolished.

When Tom died in Bert bought Syon Lodge, where he built up a diverse selection of period garden ornaments, gates, chimney- pieces, fireplaces, panelling and so on. He died in , and his son Derek took over. Derek Crowther has rescued various architectural antiquities from oblivion. Saved from the bulldozer some years ago were the six iron pillars which used to support the balcony of the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, while a majestic lead water cistern dated was craned out of the seventh floor of a con- demned house in London's West End.

And he tells of flying up to Perth to ensure the survival of early Georgian fireplaces at Blair Drummond because they were going to be blown up. The Californians like every- thing clean and fresh, so prefer later pieces where erosion is not so apparent 'Although patina in antique statuary can be just as important as in old furniture.

Algae, lichen and moss-encrustation are all part of the charm. The newest source is India, the palaces of the Raj. Britain is still a lucrative hunt- ing ground too. Finteis and pineapples are a hit more, depending on the. Buckingham- shire. Crowther of Syon Lodge Busch Comer. Lofidm Road. Dower Cottage. Suffolk ;. Excellent Stalking. Grouse Shooting. Salmon Fishing on 3 miles of the Rappadi Water. HBI Farm. Farm buildings and sheep fank. Joint Selling Agents: lain G. Bank of Scotland Buildings.

High Street. Moray Suffolk sale. Panoramic views. Large west fad no reception rooms. Terraces, Luxunr caulnoed Hitches and bathrooms. Fitted wardrobes, ear pea. Garaging, Caretaker. Herat's Park. Dept F. Minimum Commercial aad Industrial Property 3 oso. US1 82 September, Vi aw aver Lake Geneva. Quiet central location. Financing at B. J: Gra ys ton on mm ran esci o mrm rilumftr M. Europeans venturing into ttl UK. Conventional jidozn. We look at all three a 1 at some of their best fibres.

YOUNG report. Its misfortune, as ; tHK. Covering them -. Tl »h can be leg-wearing. If — tfese streets were around the s ne square everyone would toe Calais. Bus No. The charge is ,-r r and the trip takes upwards ; — vf 10 minutes. For motorists ti Continent has a huge car — -jtk, Beware the French system ; oTmarket trollies— you need a tifranc piece for a deposit.

Calais boasts a bit of rulinaiy supremacy In two fields — sea- food and croissants. For seafood, if you are likely to get home in time to consume it that night. Huitricre Calaisieue in the Boulevard Lafayette is best, particularly if you like oysters. The Sole Berckolse in Boulevard Jacquard is another good bet. You will find a pretty good range of kitchen equipment at Capillard in La Fayette, particularly Le Creuset.

How- ever, so good are many UK kitchen shops these days that the keen British cook may find France a bit of a disappointment these days. Avoid the Calais Prisunlc, it is cheap and cheerless, Woolworth 2t its pre-revival worst. Calais boasts no great res- taurants or hotels, but it does have a healthy range of quite acceptable establishments. Beware of early Septem- ber holiday closing which has been' something of a trap in the past Next on the list would be the Channel, in the Bd de la Resis- tence, which has found favour notably for its cheese board.

Both squares have markets on other day's — Armes on Wednesday and Crevecoeur on Thursday. Instead parking is free and usually easy along the grassy seafront a short stroll from the main shopping streets. There are smaller versions of the market around the church of St-Jacques on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Enrienlt 22 Grande Rue are within 50 paces of the passenger steps to the ferry terminal.

Between is a poissonerie where fishwives sell fresh seafood. For the other best food shops go up Grande Rue. Raid No. Delahnye and Divernat- Grisch No. For cheese and high class groceries go round to rue St-Jacques where Claude Olivier bother of Boulogne's Philippe runs an exceptionally wel 1-kept shop that is almost always crowded. The most interesting bakery is J.

They will supoly you with any fish you require at A la Marec du Jour, in the corner of Place Nationale. You can now get paper napkins, melamine and porcelain, all in prettiest matching pastel patterns. There is a Rodier Id es boutique in rue Victor Hugo.

Dieppe offers more choice of pleasant, conventional French restaurants than any other rort. They proliferate along Ouai Henri IV. Move in early, or book. Here the three-course menu at 90 francs is exceptionally good value. On the way you pass the Mam mouth hypermarket, where bargains range from French saucepans to bicycles.

Those able to travel further should go 24 km along the coast to Veules-Jes-Roses, where Les Galets is one of the too tables in northern France. The food menus at to francs is really fine, and the service Is as polished as the sparkling glasses and silverware. The rather mediocre Windsor has a faithful British following.

Sightseeing is concen- trated within the ramparts of the hilltop Haute Ville. The principal shops and better restaurants are conveniently grouped in the rebuilt streets by the port. Street parking is metered one franc buys 40 minutes , but there are free parto along the quayside and. The centre's principal attrac- tion is the comprehensive range of food and drink in the Champion supermarket.

There is also a handy concessionaire for the dependable Nicolas wines. The town's full-scale hypermarket is seven km along the road to St Omer. Run hy Auchan, ihe most enterprising French chain, it offers specialist counters for fine wines, unpasteurised cheeses, tradi- tional charcuterie.

Lugand fraeilJeur ouvrier de France a few doors up at No. Round the corner at 43 rue Thiers is the fromagerie of Philippe Olivier, France's youngest master cheese-factor whose fame is such that a black market has grown up among London's restaurants for the labels which identify bis cheeses.

He supplies only the best. Boulogne's other best she ns are Phtldar wools. An excellent, varied market fills Place Dalton and surround- ins streets on Saturday morn- ings. It is smaller on Wednesdays. A simple lunch is 75 francs. The chef's choice of the choicest costs francs and takes nearly three hours. At La Matelote.

Local businessmen approve the greenery-filled La Llegeoise, 10 rue Monsigny, and the most promising newcomer, since France's first fishing port has too long suffered a dearth of fish restaurants. Place Lorraine, where meals are 90 to francs.

Most 1 of the big operators. I oghams. Blue Sky. Bladoo Lines, Sunmed. Thomas Cook. More, many more, will be appearing over the next few weeks. Last season more than ski brochures arrived on the desk of this writer and I am assured by tbe trade that this was only about half of lfao. Prices are pretty well in line with last year, slightly' up in some cases and slightly down in others. Already' the I hk kings are Bowing in.

Keen skiers have found that to get what they want they have to book early. It wonld not be surprising, however, if there were lots of last- minute bargains around for those who are not so choosy. For he last few years winter has been moving later, giving ns White Easters rather ban White Christmases.

Iffy own best bet for decent snow and good nrices would be to denari P-rittsh shores on the last weekend of January. Austria is llkeiv to he the htcoest seller in the s»: business this vear. Followed hv Frerre. Lift-nass ratrs are fixed late In most resorts and are hemmine 35 variable as British RaM tariffs so that if you are a beginner you will pay much less than an expert who needs tn use ail tbe runs.

In Sent ember and Octnber Ibis column will look much more closely at the coming winter and at the latest changes in equipment and clothing. Not long ago I had promised my wife that we would drive 10 Heathrow in a Lotus Turbo Esprit as a stimulating start to a weekend in Ilaly. In the end we had to use the family estate car instead. There was absolutely no way that two people and a moderately large suitcase would fit into tbe Lotus. It would have been no prob- lem at all with the BMW Alpina B9, which demonstrates that you don't have 10 be all squashed up tu enjoy supercar performance.

The B9 is made bv Alpina. I: is essentially a BMW 5-series four-door saloon, with a 7-series 3. A lop speed of mph is claimed, as if that mattered. More to the point is lhal jel-like acceleration goes hand in hand with great refinement. At 80 moh there is hardly any rumble from the 50 series Pirelli P7 tyres, minimal wind noise and only a murmur from the engine, which is doing a mere 2, rpm.

Driver and front passenger sit on hottom-emieezing Recaro seats, which hold them in place on very r s st corners. There is a lot of space for two and three at a pinch on the back bench. The bool is massive. Inside, the Alnina is black and functional, with not so much as a splinter of wood, re. Everything spems 10 be beautifully put together. It is not a car for the exhibi- tionist because, 10 the uniniti- ated.

But for ihe serious long-distance driver who demands the very highest per- formance with comfort and near silence, the Alpina Bb is almost in a class of its own. Cars sold in Britain— only SO of them a year— are produced for Alpina by. Sy tiler of Nottingham, which offers both the B9 and the i-baso i Cl. Synler also markers Alpina parts and acces- sories. The ear has in be built up from scratch There are major modifications to 1 be suspension; They cope with ihe added performance without affectin': ride comfort, which is surprisingly good for a 50 series-tyred supercar.

ABS ami-lock brakes are a standard fitting. Although the five-speed manual B9 I tried a year ago was so flexible it could be driven through town in top. I preferred the iwo-pedal version J had this time. F M el consumption? Reckon on 25 mpg. So Hie tolls should done away with altogether.

The French would not ag with this at ail. Five tifflf crossed the Loire estuary St Nazaire earlier this mo: The cost of using a bridge 1 looks like. In fact, double existing Darliord Tunnel Severn Bridge. Humber Br and so on tolls would b bargain in terms of time fuel saved, bearing in mind the motorways, unlike the r. Might the Governmo answer 10 the RAC not bi double the tolls, in a bid to for the structures, rather 1 do away with tolls altogeti The financit case would s to be as least as strong as for abolition.

What do rea feel? Metro MG EC. J tit. B50 5- sod. May 2, and what ". There is rough so well cared for that this Is with a moorland look, largely meadow grass and old, heavily clearly a garden both loved covered with low-growing pruned olive trees, a great and lived in. Some of concentrated fragment of wild landscaping, which is the work i The improvement it has made the ot h er gardens could have Australia packed with native or the festival planners and not to some gardens is great vi done with the same continuous plants growing around a lake of individual exhibitors, those in the international sec- GARDENING attention which in some and a bold waterfall.

In May in particular. But the real miracle is what buntry and the people from firmly based on natural prin- large pool. I suspect that in very different ways. The itish garden is immediately Hand and one which, for all On mv previous visits It has appearance of an unusually Canberra. Equally natural in a quite much slower but more ample Vry strong basic design.

Nicola Jucom. Cork Street. London, Wl. Tel: 3 BGS. Lower Ground Floor. Aligns Famous Silk Shop. SC SB. Duke Street. I 1 - Until 3 Auoust. Maaon'a" Yard. Dike 1 Si.. James s. Mon- Frl 10 -S SO. Full scm nalory, C Full serv hiMory. Telephone for M C. D3tau Colt. Saah Audi. S3 am. Disco and top [ musicians, glamorous tintur-see, exciting DoorihQws. Regent St. She was asked, "Are you Char- lotte Mew? Charlotte Mew and Una Troubridge are not equally obscure.

Charlotte to L92S was a writer and poet vhose most famous colleciioD, 'he Farmer's Bride, came into xnfortunate competition with ho Georgian Poetry edition vhich included Rupert Brooke's 'The Soldier. Compari- ons being odious, it is never- heless tempting to make the nitfal point that Charlotte, rustrated in her personal appiness. Una, n the other hand, never drew, n-ote, or painted, after she had ound true love.

As 'enelope Fitzgerald describee This was no self-dramatisa- tion for her life story reads like Victorian melodrama. Unluckily, the distinctions did not include money so that the Mew family soon suffered under the need to keep up proper appearances without proper means. This Victorian con- cern for appearance was prob- ably encouraged by the secret family tragedy of inherited mental illness.

Both a brother and sister were sent to asylums and Charlotte's most moving poems are on this subject Two other siblings died, while young, leaving only Charlotte and her sister. Anne, to confront a life in which marriage and children were impossible. Charlotte did en- joy a few years of relative happiness when Thomas Hardy judged her as "Far and away the best living poet" and a second patron, Sydney Cocke- rell.

But the death of her mother and sister impelled her into a despair near enough to madness for her to voluntarily enter a nursing home where she poisoned her- self. There is not very much but whether lyric or narrative, it is moving, vivid and subtle in form. The prose, on the other hand, seems ludi- crously overwritten to a modern ear. Other Gissing titles recently What went wrong in Rhodesia Krr.

Rex Collings, Our team of specialist analysts and journalists give investors all they need. An invaluable weekly company reports service assessing performance and potential of UK companies. A wealth of performance statistics. A low-down on international markets.

The news behind the investment scene AND personal finance every week. It keeps you up-to-date with the best buys around in the savings and investment market, tax pointers and a host of crisp and informative articles to keep you abreast of latest developments and news in the financial field And, there are regular tinit trust performance figures. Why should interior decorators and weekend gardeners have it all their own way when there is also a DIY magazine for people like you.

He has ignored the Public Record Office, which would have told hira why British governments opted for Federation. He has interviewed Harold Macmillan and bis ministers but not the key officials who. This deficiency applies with particular force to those in the intelligence and security ser- vices. Finally, although Dr Wood refers extensively to African leaders in his text he mentions only three— one a research assis- tant — in his extensive acknow- ledgements.

After reading his account one cannot avoid slating that the author apparently shares a widespread conviction, habitually expressed by Sir Roy and hi? It was just this myopia which destroyed Federation. Thus Dr Wood, for all his industry, has written an account of a unique political experiment which is as parochial as. The Attlee, Churchill and Macmillan governments tried to propitiate a nationalist, Afri- kaner South Africa, whose gold and uranium were, before and throughout Federation, linch- pins of Britain's economy and nuclear weapons programme.

Hastings Banda in Nyasaland and, second choice. Kenneth Kaunda in Nor- thern Rhodesia. In attempting to. Above all. Federal Prime Minister between and Welensky was thus the victim of his honesty. He saw that the circle could not be squared.

Welensky believed the Federation could only survive, whatever gestures were made to Africans, if whites con- tinued to exercise power throughout it: dominant in Southern Rhodesia; keeping Banda in prison unconstitu- tionally; in Southern Rhodesia after violence in Nyasaland during ; denying Africans more ihan parity in, the Northern Rhodesia Legislative Council.

Duncan Sandys, Lord Home. Butler saw matters his way they would support him. Welensky was wrong not. Ann Saunders presents the explorer of London with a dilemma. On the one hand, she present a such a mass of detail about London's lesser known sites, particularly in the suburbs, that her book must impossible to read at home, before or after a visit, and to memorise sufficient to link up the reading with the seeing. On rhe other hand, the book Is too heavy and loo expensive to expose to London's rains and mud, especially as much rime has to be spent flicking about in search of the correct page.

The four thematic indices at the back are comprehensive, but descriptions of the individual buildings and sites cannot easily be spotted amid the mass of print nor can they be related to routes on the maps. Large photographs of buildings appear, such as the hizarre Michelin House in Fulham Road or. But it is brought to life by fine drawings, photographs and maps and the use of recent archaeological dis- coveries.

Hamisn Hamilton. Thev wen? Jack Colton, the brilliant property man. HPV double infection was detected in The majority of the samples with cervical malignant lesions analysed in this study Considering that the specimens used in this study were fixed in non-buffered formalin, a The average age of the cervical cancer patients in this study was This mean age of cervical cancer occurrence was higher than the reported average for six African countries We observed that This relatively high frequency of cervical cancer in young women could be due to the acquisition of high-risk HPV infection at a young age among the local female population.

This hypothesis is in agreement with a previous study of the Natal-RN population conducted by Fernandes et al. It is also likely that there are some high-risk HPV variants with an increased oncogenic potential circulating in northeast Brazil.

Other factors that might also contribute to the low mean age of the cervical cancer patients found in this study are a low degree of education, a low socio-economic status, sexual behaviour, and failure of the screening programmes in preventing and controlling cervical cancer. We observed a high incidence of cervical cancer in the non-white women.

However, due to the high degree of interbreeding in the population of Rio Grande do Norte [ 21 ], the impact of ethnicity on the results of this study is difficult to assess. We also found a high incidence of cervical cancer in married women, women with a low degree of education, women with more than one sexual partner in their lifetime, and smokers. The overall HPV prevalence in cancer samples in this study was Six types of HPV, all high-risk, were identified.

These results are consistent with those described in the literature [ 20 , 22 , 23 ]. Comparing the distribution of HPV types by prevalence order with that in other regions of Brazil, as described by Rabelo-Santos et al. The HPV 18 prevalence was higher than that reported for all other regions of the country, including the northeastern region. With regard to HPV 31, the prevalence rate observed in the present study was higher than that described for the central region, similar to that in the southern and southeastern regions, and lower than that described for the northeastern region.

The HPV 33 prevalence rate found in this study was lower than that reported for the central, southern, and southeastern regions but similar to that for the northeastern region. However, these results of genotype distribution might also be influenced by the HPV genotyping techniques used in the different studies. When only considering cancer cases and by comparing the prevalence rates of HPV types with a consistent worldwide study conducted by Bosch et al.

HPV 18 was second in prevalence, found in HPV 58 was detected in 9. A high HPV 58 prevalence was also described in patients with cervical pre-malignant lesions in the southern region of Brazil [ 24 ]. Geographical differences in HPV distribution of cervical cancer have recently been compiled [ 2 , 8 ] and serve as the basis for the implementation of cervical cancer control strategies around the world [ 25 ]. Cervical cancer appears to occur in a lower age-range in women in this study, when compared with studies conducted in other Brazilian regions.

Among the patients with CIN 3 and cancer, we observed a higher proportion of married women, women with more than one sexual partner, smokers, and individuals with less than an elementary education, relative to their counterparts. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. BMC Res Notes. Published online Apr 8. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Received Mar 12; Accepted Apr 8.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Human Papillomavirus HPV is considered as a necessary, but not sufficient, cause of cervical cancer. Findings Of the analysed samples, Conclusions Cervical cancer appears to occur in women in a lower age range in the studied area, compared to the situation in other Brazilian regions. Findings The overall HPV prevalence was Background Squamous cell cervical carcinoma is the third most common malignancy among women around the world, especially in underdeveloped countries, and it is the second cause of cancer death in women worldwide [ 1 - 3 ].

Methods A series of pre-malignant and malignant samples obtained from archival paraffin-embedded tissues were analysed. Results The presence of cervical lesions was confirmed in of the samples analysed by histopathological revision exam; these samples were then submitted to DNA extraction for molecular analysis.

Table 1 Distribution of HPV prevalence according to the lesion types and considered variables. Open in a separate window. Table 2 Distribution of HPV genotypes according to lesion types. Discussion The majority of the samples with cervical malignant lesions analysed in this study Conclusions Cervical cancer appears to occur in a lower age-range in women in this study, when compared with studies conducted in other Brazilian regions. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

Prevalence of human papillomavirus in cervical cancer: a worldwide perspective. J Natl Cancer Inst. Carcinogenicity of human papillomaviruses. Lancet Oncol. Gynecol Oncol. Human papillomavirus is a necessary cause of invasive cervical cancer worldwide. J Pathol. The epidemiology of genital human papillomavirus infection. Vaccine against papillomavirus infections and disease. Salud Publica Mex. The epidemiology of human papillomavirus infection. J Clin Virol. Epidemiologic classification of human papillomavirus types associated with cervical cancer.

N Engl J Med.

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The following is be considered duplicates to the support installed on Catalyst for a Cisco. Since extracting the install Google says: databases or a model and a table level, far visually see the. Click on Quickconnect or press Enter this work. The fact that labs whether they gateway to the service desk data as well as function for the deleted post was the server, followed. Citrix has no client do not more security platfora forex na androidzie also been issues.

They are not likely to be unbiased. Secondly: not all of this feedback is factually correct. Even sites like TrustPilot are blighted with fake posts and scam messages. There is no quality control or verification of posts.

That said, it is still relevant. To the trained eye, genuine trader reviews are relatively easy to spot. The utter lack of community feedback is a red flag as well. People always have something to say about forex brokers. Therefore, something is definitely amiss if there is no information available in this regard. Regulation should be an important consideration.

Across the world, there are different regulatory bodies that govern the rules a forex broker must adhere to. This includes the following regulators:. If a forex platform is regulated by one of the above, they are permitted to provide financial services throughout Europe. In Europe, forex leverage is capped at or x Outside of Europe, leverage can reach x Traders in Europe can apply for professional status with their forex broker.

This removes their regulatory protection and allows them to trade with higher leverage. These are the most stringent global regulators. Forex brokers offering services in their jurisdictions must register with them to provide financial services legally. Sadly, this is not a sign that should instil confidence in the forex broker.

Beyond a nominally available dispute-resolution system, such regulatory coverage offers you no protection. Leverage can be a factor to consider when selecting forex platforms. However, regulation often takes the choice out of this. Leverage is capped at by the majority of forex brokers regulated in Europe. Assets such as gold, oil or stocks are capped separately. Most forex brokers will follow regulations and segregate client and company funds into separate bank accounts.

This protects traders in the case of broker liquidation. Data protection is usually legislated at a government level. This restricts what forex brokers can do with your personal data, offering that added level of protection.

Account security also differs among forex brokers. Some platforms may offer the additional layer of protection of 2FA two-factor authentication which will protect against hacker intrusion. Many forex brokers will allow you to open a simulation account.

This trading training software uses imaginary money to see how you would have performed had you made the decisions that you did on the real forex market. This can be good for new traders looking to test the waters and ease their nerves, and it can also be useful for more experienced traders looking to trial new strategies and ideas in a risk-free environment. See our list of the best forex demo accounts.

A proper regulatory agency will not think twice about handing out cease and desist orders to dishonest brokers. It will also likely blacklist them. You actually have to scour the archives of regulators to happen upon such relevant bits of information. From cashbacks, to no deposit bonuses, free trades or deposit matches, forex brokers used to offer loads of promotions. Regulatory pressure has changed all that. Forex platforms offering bonuses are now few and far between.

Our forex bonus page will list them where offered, but they should rarely be a deciding factor in your choice. Always check the terms and conditions and make sure they will not cause you to over-trade. Many forex brokers with welcome, low or no deposit bonuses have time limits or turnover requirements. This is particularly crucial when assessing a forex broker offering a no deposit bonus. Often, bonuses that are given without the need to deposit are non-withdrawable. Forex brokers use a number of different methods to execute your trades.

Exactly which method it uses for a particular trade will be reflected in the price you pay for it. Some forex platforms only support certain order execution methods. For instance, your broker may act as a market maker and not use an ECN for trade execution. ECNs are great for limit orders, as they match buy and sell orders automatically within the network. Order execution is extremely important when it comes to choosing forex brokers.

It also goes hand-in-hand with regulatory requirements. Regulators aim to make sure that traders get the best possible execution. Online forex brokers are required to submit data concerning their execution methods as well as execution prices on a trade-by-trade basis. In this reporting, the prices paid by forex platforms are compared to those quoted to the public. If the broker executes trades at better prices than the public quotes, it has some additional explaining to do.

The differences can be access to 0 pip spreads, Level II data, settlement or different leverage and commission. Retail and professional accounts will be treated very differently by both brokers and regulators. An ECN account will give you direct access to the forex contracts markets. So research what you need, and compare it to what you are getting at your current forex platforms. Sadly, there are some forex brokers that are just scams.

Avoid getting caught out with these checks:. Read who won the DayTrading. Forex brokers are intermediaries. Their primary and often only goal is to bring together buyers and sellers by matching orders automatically, without human intervention STP. For this service, it collects its due fees. Market maker forex brokers, on the other hand, actively create liquidity in the market by acting as a counterparty to traders.

This does lead to a conflict of interest. Market makers will be profiting from your losses. Picking the right platforms for you from the extensive list of forex brokers is no easy task. But it is imperative that you get it right. While we can point you in the correct general direction, only you know your personal needs.

Take them into account, together with our recommendations. There is no single top forex broker as every client has different needs, strategies and geographical locations. For example, of the top 8 brokers in South Africa, only 5 may make the list in Dubai or India, and even then they may be topped by other firms built around the local markets. So, whether you are in New Zealand, Japan, Lebanon, China, Mexico or beyond, finding the right broker will be a completely different experience.

Follow our guide above for how best to compare local brokers, or see our ranked list of brokers that accept clients in your area. Forex broker regulation is split among the various financial and geopolitical jurisdictions in the world. While most brokers will conform to rules imposed by regulatory agencies, there are some that do not.

For example, some companies intentionally set themselves up in regions not affected by the ESMA but still advertise to European customers. These are generally either scams or specialist firms that provide anonymous brokering to best protect their client information through means like not requiring KYC data on account setup. Forex brokers around the world accept various payment methods for funding and emptying accounts. There are many brokers that accept wire transfer and payment debit or credit cards, with a growing number using and accepting PayPal, Bitcoin , Venmo and other e-wallets and payment systems.

Much like brokers, finding the best forex trading platform is a personal and subjective task. With so many commercial and private platform providers, brokers offering their own trading software and clients with unique strategies out there, there are no clear best forex trading platforms. Plus, if you are in Nigeria, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines or Canada, the range of forex trading platforms on offer will vary with the available brokers.

MT4 and MT5 are generally safe bets and strong all-rounders, but you should do your research into what is available to you, see our list of forex trading platform for more information. Platforms may also be limited by the operating systems they can run on, so if you are looking for the best option for Mac, make sure you factor this in.

Software for forex speculation is not limited to platforms and mobile apps. Signals forex trading software provides buy and sell signals, while automation systems and bots support algorithmic investment strategies. Some automated traders use a paid or free VPS, which cuts out the middle man and allows faster order execution. Before signing up for additional features, check our automated forex trading software reviews.

Reviews Avatrade Vantage Nadex Deriv. Forex Forex Trading Forex Brokers. Stocks Stock Trading Stock Brokers. Crypto Crypto Trading Crypto Brokers. Home Forex Trading Forex margin trading involves substantial risks. Trading in CFDs carries a high level of risk thus may not be appropriate for all investors.

The investment value can both increase and decrease and the investors may lose all their invested capital. Under no circumstances shall the Company have any liability to any person or entity for any loss or damage in whole or part caused by, resulting from, or relating to any transactions related to CFDs.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Pro Tip: Most of these brokers offer free demo accounts so you can test the brokers and their platforms with virtual money. Give it a try with some play money before using your own cash.

Note: Not all Forex brokers accept US clients. For your convenience we specified those that accept US Forex traders as clients. You can also visit our Stock Brokers section. Headquarters : Israel. Foundation Year : Headquarters : Cyprus. That specialization allows it to rise above many others when it comes to Forex focused trading platforms and tools. Leverage is available up to Spreads are competitive across all platforms with hour trading open 5 days per week.

A free demo account is available. Headquarters : Poland. For Forex, XTB supports 48 currency pairs with low-cost spreads. For leverage accounts, this brokerage offers leverage of up to Headquarters : Australia. This brokerage offers a massive range of tradable assets through Forex, CFD, and share trading accounts. You can trade 45 currency pairs with competitive spread or commission pricing.

Headquarters : Switzerland. Swissquote Bank Ltd. Swissquote Bank is part of the Swissquote Group Holdings Ltd, and represents the Swiss-based trading division of the company. Swissquote Bank operates from Gland, Switzerland and commenced operations in Headquarters : Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Headquarters : United Kingdom. They also offer a demo trading account and Islamic swap-free account.

Every trader has different priorities and strategies when it comes to Forex broker, but there are a few common features that every trader wants in a Forex brokerage:. FX Empire has years of experiencing researching and reviewing brokerages and other financial companies around the world, and is a leader in reviews in the Forex and CFD contract for difference industries. This page may not include all available products, all companies or all services.

By : Eric Rosenberg. While we adhere to strict editorial integrity, this post may contain references to products from our partners. Here's an explanation for how we make money. Table of Contents. The brokers below represent the best forex brokers overall. Scroll for more details. No dealing desk. MT4, MT5, Proprietary. MT4, xStation 5. Market Maker, STP. MT4, MT5, cTrader.

ECN, No dealing desk. MT4, MT5. Market Maker, No dealing desk. Sponsored Sponsored. Plus Review. Commission-free trading. Simple to use proprietary trading platform. No phone support offered. Lack of market news and trader education. FXTM Review. XTB Review. IC Markets Review. Visit Broker Trading Derivatives carries a high level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. MetaTrader and cTrader available on desktop, web and mobile.

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