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Forex technical analysis by FxPro & Trading Central. Confident, timely and sound investment Get started now: Subscribe for Daily TC Newsletters. Forex Analytix has developed a ForexAnalytix Sponsored program that allows our subscribers to subsidize all or part of their monthly subscription. Learn where forex traders go for forex news and market data. such as central bank announcements, economic report releases, and analysis, etc. FOREX WEEKEND ON THE STOCK EXCHANGES For example, a email, and website. Mirror Driver Mirror Designs and Patents to run, manage, content, organization, graphics, server which you you can try in the table distributed, cloud-hosted. This is how you will make for the program you will probably anvil and tool.

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The price zone around 1. Relevance until Analytical expert: Mohamed Samy. Failure to persist below the newly-recorded LOW at 1. Until then Previous bearish decline was expected to extend towards 1. However, considerable bullish rejection was expressed around 1. Currently, bullish breakout above 1. Still, as you already know from my analyses, the Dollar Index is in a corrective Analytical expert: Ralph Shedler. Forex Analysis Technical analysis , Gold. It has dropped by 0. Analysis News Analytical News , American markets.

US stock market closes with huge gains. US Federal Reserve accounts for positive news At the close of Thursday's trading session, major US indexes recorded huge gains due to strengthening of the technology as well as consumer service sectors. As a result In this article, I present to your attention another technical indicator for the MT4 trading terminal, revealing the divergence of the MACD indicator.

The uptrend in the gold market has changed to a downtrend relative to the US dollar. Recent impulses of the price formed a new Lower Low, and Lower High. However, the last week the movement in the gold market has stopped. At present, the President of China is Xi Jinping since And all this was achieved in 40 years of economic reform. Some forex trading strategies include splitting one position into several smaller ones, adding to already open positions or averaging.

When opening several positions, it is not very convenient to manually calculate the breakeven level for all open positions in the MT4 terminal. This task is greatly facilitated by a simple breakeven indicator. After a series of central bank meetings, the foreign exchange market entered a phase of strong consolidation.

The interest rate on the main refinancing operations and the rate on the marginal lending facility will remain unchanged at their current levels of 0. In the picture above you see how a simple moving average with a period of 21 red line is applied to the standard RSI indicator with a period of 14 blue line. How to do it yourself? For the last 20 days, we have seen consolidation on the pair, which is highlighted in the chart by a blue rectangle. Over the past three days, we have seen an unsuccessful attempt to break through the lower edge of the consolidation range, which led to the formation of a bear trap on the EURCHF.

Inversion of the US bond yield curve , as a statistically strong signal of a probable future recession in the USA, gave an additional impetus to this trend. Demand for government bonds led to a significant decrease in their yield. However, in the world, a huge amount of bonds has a negative yield.

What makes investors buy these assets? Indeed, negative rates from the point of view of common sense and the basic of economic theory are nonsense. China plans to issue its own crytocurrency as early as Nov. In his speech at the Central Banks economic symposium these days in Jackson Hole, the Governor of the Bank of England made some extremely curious statements. Mark Carney said that dollar dominance in the global financial system increases the risks of the global liquidity trap, and that currencies like Libra will end dollar dominance.

So what is the currency of the future Libra? And what is its threat to the modern financial system? How to use it read here.

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