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Investing online for dummies ukulele

investing online for dummies ukulele

My experience with learning ukulele has been much better. What is the cheapest Ukulele to buy online? What is the best ukulele for beginners? Take your ukulele playing to the next level - fast! Banjo For Dummies: Book + Online Video and Audio Instruction Stock Investing For Dummies. Buy the eBook Ukulele In A Day For Dummies, In A Day For Dummies by Alistair Wood online from Australia's leading online eBook store. FOREX RANGING MARKET INDICATOR It can serve for init scripts get the best. Previously, this process profiles for popular Server to get. Press the space some polish at 25 Workstations, visit.

The Vintage Spruce Soprano does have a few minor downsides. Its bridge requires that the strings be wrapped around themselves, in the manner of a classical guitar, which makes restringing a little more difficult than it is with our other picks, which have slotted bridges. Even with the first sample, none of our panelists considered the action uncomfortable.

We also tried another version of this uke, the Luna Tribal Soprano , which has a mahogany top with a laser-engraved pattern inspired by totems of the Pacific Islands. It costs more than the Vintage Spruce Soprano and has a mellower sound.

Functionally, the two ukes are quite similar, but the Harper Concert Acacia looks a lot nicer. Its body is made from deeply figured, beautifully finished woodgrain, and the body and fingerboard feature ivory-colored binding. It looks much more expensive than it is, likely the result of more precise, careful workmanship, with smoothly finished frets and no obvious compromises for the sake of cost. The excellent factory setup makes it easy to play for beginners and experts, and the concert size suits kids and adults alike.

It also includes a decent soft case, an electronic tuner, and a strap. The sound of the Harper Concert Acacia may be better or worse than that of our top pick, depending on your priorities. It comes with two strap knobs installed especially convenient when the ukulele club runs out of chairs , and the neck joins the body at the 14th fret to make fingering high notes easier.

Another advantage of the Harper Concert Acacia is that it includes what we think are the two most important accessories: a decent gig bag and an electronic clip-on tuner, neither of which come with our top pick. It also includes a strap and a few plastic picks, though most uke players use felt picks or no picks at all.

This title by Marty Gross offers an affordable, accessible way to start strumming immediately. Working with a good instructor is generally the best path to learning an instrument, but considering that just one lesson typically costs half the price of a decent starter uke, a good book can be a practical and affordable way to get started—and to find out if you or your child or parent is really interested in playing music.

So I asked two experienced teachers, John Higgins and Martha Nelson, to give me their opinions of nine of the best-reviewed uke books. We also found two other books worth mentioning. It might be better for a somewhat older student who is serious about uke—someone who already plays guitar, perhaps.

If you want a rugged, compact uke for traveling: The Enya Nova U soprano uke is our favorite inexpensive travel uke. The only downside is that the molded plastic frets are the same color as the fingerboard, which makes them hard to see.

Many readers are concerned about how the manufacturing, shipping, and normal use of the products we recommend impact the world we live in. While our product recommendations are based completely on the criteria outlined in How we picked and How we tested , we offer this information to supplement the decision of any reader who uses environmental impact as a deciding factor in their purchases.

While none of the manufacturers of our top picks in this guide provided answers to our sustainability questions, there are many general statements we can make about the sustainability and environmental impact of inexpensive ukuleles. Most ukuleles are shipped in plain cardboard boxes that can be recycled. Most inexpensive ukes are made largely from plywood, which is not biodegradable , although a few, such as the Luna Vintage Spruce Soprano , do have a few wooden parts that might biodegrade.

Many ukes made years ago are still played and cherished, so the uke you buy today might even outlive you. The lack of trade shows and the shipping and production issues now affecting almost all industries has made us reluctant to predict anything about new uke introductions for the coming year. The AmazonBasics Soprano uke is a pretty great deal considering it comes with a case, strap, and tuner, but it has a rather restricted, midrange-heavy sound.

The Luna Vintage Spruce plays and sounds significantly better for not much more money. The Carlo Robelli UK soprano sounds good, but the sample we tried had string buzzes at the first fret. The Carlo Robelli UXM soprano has a surprisingly full sound, a slim-body design that should make it easy to play for kids, and a built-in pickup, too, but the two samples we tried had too many string buzzes for us to tolerate.

The Cordoba 15CM concert uke is a previous pick. We still like it, but we think the Alvarez RU22C sounds slightly better and is easier to restring. One panelist ranked it among her favorites, but no one else had particularly strong feelings about it. The construction quality of the Eddy Finn Minnow soprano uke seemed poor relative to that of other ukes we tested in its price range; it made cracking sounds when I initially tried to get it in tune.

Although the electric-guitar-style Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele concert model offers less acoustical output compared with traditional ukes, it is fun to play. It has a laminate wood top and a layer of wood covering the peghead, but except for the tuners, the rest of the uke even the frets is made from molded plastic, so it should survive rough handling and moisture better than an all-wood uke. Banjo ukes are very loud too loud for most uke clubs , but their sound can work well in bluegrass and jazz bands.

Its sound was muted compared with what we heard from the Vintage Spruce. In our tests, the Kala Makala Shark and Makala Dolphin sounded and played okay, but our panelists found them rather heavy and not as natural and full-sounding as the more traditional models. The Kala Makala Waterman is a plastic soprano you can actually dunk in the water. It played decently and sounded okay, but we think a traditional model is a better choice for most beginners.

Unfortunately, the sample we played had a lot of string buzz in the middle of the fretboard. The Mitchell MU70 concert model looks and feels shockingly nice for its price. This uke has a somewhat mellower sound, nicer tuners, and more conservative styling than the Luna Vintage Spruce Soprano. The Oscar Schmidt Dolphin soprano is a plastic travel uke with a wooden top. We liked the look, feel, and sound of the Oscar Schmidt OU2 concert uke, but a couple of the tuning knobs buzzed because they were loose.

Tightening them helped only temporarily. The Populele 2 Pro smart ukulele is an incredibly cool concept: a uke with LEDs in the fingerboard that work with a smartphone app to show you where to put your fingers as you learn chords and play along with an assortment of tunes. The plastic uke also contains a built-in amplifier with reverb and chorus effects. At its best, the Populele 2 Pro turns learning ukulele into a compelling, PaRappa the Rapper -style video game.

But it seems like a product still in development. The Ukutune UKM2 concert uke sounds very close to our top pick, the Alvarez RU22C, at a much lower price, but the fret finish was rough along the sides of the fingerboard, and the strings buzzed at the first fret. Brent Butterworth is a senior staff writer covering audio and musical instruments at Wirecutter. He regularly gigs on double bass and occasionally ukulele with Los Angeles—area jazz groups.

So many people want to learn an instrument, but so few find the time. The ukulele is one of the simplest instruments to learn, and a few key accessories can make getting started even easier. Basic setup and maintenance are crucial for a guitar or bass to sound its best, and some adjustments may be best left to a professional.

How we pick and test Panel testing. Our pick. Buy from Guitar Center May be out of stock. Donner DUC-1 A good starter uke kit at a bargain price The concert-size Donner DUC-1 plays well, sounds good, and costs little—and it also comes with a case, strap, and tuner. Also great. Buying Options Buy from Amazon. Upgrade pick. Everything we recommend. Who should get this.

How we picked. We used the following criteria to help us decide which ukuleles to call in and test:. Size: Ukuleles come in four standard sizes—soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone from smallest to largest. Soprano, concert, and tenor ukes are basically the same instrument in different sizes; they are all tuned the same, so if you can play one, you can play them all. A baritone uke is tuned like the four highest-pitched strings of a guitar, so some enthusiasts consider it more of a cousin to the uke.

The bigger the uke, the easier it will be to fit your fingers between the frets, and the fuller and louder the sound will likely be. After discussions with retailers and instructors, we decided to focus on soprano and concert ukes for their portability, price, and light, trebly sound. Soprano ukes might feel too small for some adults, though. Find your website really informative, thanks for the advice.

Regards from your neigbours in England. Hey Bret, im 15 years old, currently i have a Diamond Head Ukulele. I was hoping you could help me out with that. By the way your website helped me SO much! That sounds really cool! Plays really nice. I had to tighten up the tuning and put Aquila strings on.

Love you web site. I think the tuning issue could be a couple things. I play for hours a day. What a wonderful site. The Kala KA-C was my first ukulele. What a wonderful uke. Very playable and a lovely tone. Very nice website. I am a fairly new player, 1. I have purchased 11 so far. I did give 5 away to friends and family. They range from a Fluke to a Kanile in price, but have had excellent results with KALA products 6 ukes were made by them. It was cute but sounded horrible, like the strings were fishing line.

I changed out the strings to some Martin M and the difference was amazing, it completely improved the sound of the ukulele. I have now put these strings on 5 other Soprano and concert models and had similar results. The ukulele set up make a huge difference. There are some sellers that do a setup on everyone they sell. I can personally recommend Hawaiian Music supply because they do a professional quality setup on every uke they sell, and sell them online.

Thanks again for your site and Merry Christmas to all. Would this be suitable for a complete beginner? I will eventually upgrade but for 80 bucks this uke is a great starter. Nice sound, quality hardware and construction. Neck is about as straight as you can get without a truss rod. Highly recommended! I found them to be a surprising little instrument for those who are looking to get started with ukulele.

Thanks for the review! See which ones you like the best! Makala makes some good ukuleles in that price range. Any of those brands are pretty good! Thanks for the many useful tips in getting an ukulele. Anyway, I think I was lucky of getting a friendly instrument.

Best wishes for all! I have a Kala Soprano all solid mahogany. It is a wonderful ukulele that has a warmtone and is pretty loud but with good dynamics. My first uke was a Lanikai concert. It had a decent tone but horrible intonation. The neck was attached slightly crooked. I bought and returned an all Koa Lanikai soprano and it was horrible.

Either a bad neck or action too low. No dynamics, buzzed, no volume, tiny sound, bad finish. So no more Lanikai for me. I just ordered a solid mahogany soprano Islander from Hawaii Music Supply. Comparable in price to Kala. I will let you know how it is once it arrives. Hawaii Music supply has a great web site — lessons, lots of video samples etc…. No body has a Cordoba? The fit and finish are awesome after about a week of play it almost never came out of tune again and it has great sound quality.

Has anyone else had a Cordoba? The main differences is that the Dolphin is made out of plastic and the Makala is made out of a wood laminate. Both will sound pretty similar. Some people might make fun of me for it, but for me, there is something inspiring about playing a beautiful instrument, so if you like the look of the Makala, you should go with it!

Especially since they are so similar. Hey Gerry, I did teach the course using a tenor ukulele tuned to standard tuning, so this will be a different tuning from your baritone. However, the majority of the course is spent focusing on strumming and rhythm, so these techniques will be able to be applied to your baritone ukulele. Some people who have baritone ukulele will use a capo on the 5th fret to follow along.

By placing a capo on the 5th fret, you are easily transposing your baritone ukulele to the equivalent of standard tuning. This would be a solution if you wanted to purchase the course. A while back my daughters in another state took a community college uke class that included a uke in the price. I soooo wanted to go. My little Hibiscus sounds great comparing with the 14 others and stays in tune. I love the felt pick that came with it and the little shaker doodad I got to put on my finger for a rhythm toy.

The ukulele group is an excellent idea. Hey Brett-Yeah, I got a Luna, because of the look and the nifty tattoo. However, my very first love is a Kamaka Tenor. It was a present, I love it then and love it now!! Thanks for the site! The open-style tuners keep the instrument in precise tuning and the onboard preamp provides easy amplification that can be dialed in quickly. Luna ukuleles are great!

This ukulele will be good if you ever want to plug it in to an amplifier since it has an onboard preamp. Hi, i have recently bought a second hand lazy ukulele, and i am really happy with it. Hi Sarah, you could try removing the nut and sanding the bottom of it down.

This will lower it. However, this project is probably one better suited for a luthier at a local music shop. Thank u everybody! Even for just after Christmas. Welcome to Ukulele Tricks. Learning the ukulele sounds like an awesome way to honor the memory of your grandmother! Hello, How about a Flea ukulele for a total beginner? Thanks for your great job helping people. Enjoy your ukulele and play the heck out of it! Hey Mark, I imagine the strings need a little bit of time to settle. The Grover tuner shaft fits into the inside drilled hole in the headstock, which acts as a support bearing for the tuning shaft.

This hole was far to big allowing the shaft to pull downwards towards the bridge when putting tension on the string. In doing so It pulls the mounting screws out of the wood and stripping the wood away so the screws cannot be retightened. If you have one ,You can check yours by unwinding the string, and using a finger from underneath, pushing the shaft towards the bridge.

If the bearing hole is too big,This will allow downward movement,causing the mtg plate to pull away from the head stock. When tuning, the leverage pressure will strip the wood from the mounting screws so you may not be able to tighten them. A expensive Ukuleles should not have passed a good quality check,of a manufacturing defect like this. I really loved my Kala , and felt very sad that I had to return it. Hopefully mine is a isolated case, and this does not affect others, of the production run.

By the way , I am 77 and love music. Hey John, thanks for your comment. That is very unfortunate and frustrating about your ukulele. I hate when that stuff happens. So Far It sound great, gives me a different tone, and like that G string for picking. Thanks for mentioning that on your blog John. Thanks for this website, Brett! Just so happened that the one I bought is the Lanikai LU you recommended above.

Now to figure out how to change the strings… lol. I managed to learn so much in a period of about 20 minutes. So thank you for your dedication! My friend bought me a Mahalo from Amazon as a birthday present. What do you think about the Mahalo? What do you think? The Mahalo ukuleles are great entry-level ukuleles. I just learned about this ukulele from Raggyrag on Youtube, and he knows his music, and I had to see if it was as good as he said so I bought one, it is the Kamoa Pineapple Soprano, and this is a very nice ukulele with the innotation right on.

I like this better than the Lanikai Soprano, which for the price is nice. It is not a 3 to 5 hundred dollar ukulele but you would never know it from the sound and quality. I have this site setup as one of my home pages.. Thanks Brett. Here is what the Kamoa Pineapple sounds like.. I started off with an electric solid body Amina concert a few months ago.

It was an odd looking thing, with a very nice flame maple natural finish. My wife wanted to start, and bought a lovely Kala acoustic concert travel uke. About an inch, but the violin back gives it a deep resonant tone. As a gift, we picked up a Diamond Head soprano for my nephew, and strung it with some Aquila nylagut strings, which sound nice.

It looks just like the Makalas up on the top row. Last night, the latest arrived — a Risa tennor uke stick. Very light for an electric, and built for travel. I just took my first uke workshop a week ago 3 hrs. Nice sound and keeps tune very well. No ukulele sounds completely the same.

This is okay and good! I have some feeble guitar skills and experience with cheap gear, so when I went to buy a Ukulele I wanted one that would not have me wanting a better one only a short time later. I played many and liked a few that are very popular with many people here, with good reason, but in the end I really enjoyed the sound quality, build quality and appearance of the Cordoba ukes even though they seemed a bit more expensive then typical. It stays in tune great even after hours of playing.

It came with Aquila strings and a very nice gig bag too. I had an amp already so I thought a pick up might be nice, glad I did cause it sounds great electric. I love my Ukulele and play at least a couple hours a day or more. Highly recommended. Havent recieved it yet, but what do you think of them?

I thinks so far its pretty awesome. Your thoughts? Well I did and now the Lu sits in the closet. She laughed but, I could see she was visibly disappointed! She is a Freshman at University of Miami and left to go back to school after spring break the next day and that is when I decided to research ukes, buy one and learn to play so I could sit on my front porch and share the gift of music with my daughter!

It also came with a flyer to get started playing chords and fingering etc. It tunes very nice and holds the tune for at lest 2 days now that it is a lil over a month old. I practice with Brett pulling up his videos on my Phone and play along with him and the sound is exact! I plan on buying her a Kala uke just like mine so we can play and enjoy the music together! Thank you Brett for the awesome teaching videos and super online courses!

Hey Dee, that is an amazing story!! I love reading these stories, because it shows how contagious ukulele is! Ukulele is a great thing to share with family. I have a lot of great memories with family playing the ukulele. I got it at my local music store half off.

I think it sounds great and looks beautiful. I just want to know what you think of the brand and this specific ukulele. I believe you are referring to the Ou2 uke which is a mahogany laminate. I bought this for my 8 year old grandson, to try to. This model is quite inexpensive, is easy to play and sounds very good…Will. God luck! On their own my untrained ear likes them both, but side by side the difference is enormous.

I definitely have a Ukulele problem now, but it is truly a joyful one! Happy strumming mate. Heey My first uke was a korala uks 36 I bought it yesterday for 35 euros. Hey Nick, I play guitar and piano too, and it is a little weird at first to get used to the top string. IM thinking about buying a mahalo or a Hilo. The mahalo is really cheap and they both have plastic strings.

Being a complete novice I took a players advice and bought a Makala Dolphin. This gave me a chance to play the Dolphin before and after setup and the string change — the difference was huge. For the setup they have done a bit of work on the frets, the nut and have lowered the saddle about 1mm.

I would urge anyone buying their first ukulele to have a setup done by a professional. It really makes a big difference. I am very pleased with my Dolphin and would happily recommend it to anyone as a first ukulele — it is a very playable instrument for a price that is hard to believe. Hey Jon, great suggestion to get a setup done at a music store!

This is one of the big benefits to shopping locally versus online! What store did you go that did the set up for your ukulele? So far only place I have seen that done is at the ukulele site in hawaii. Hey Brett, I play guitar and decided to get a uke as it is easy to carry if I travel. It looks and sounds great, has a solid spruce top, mahogony back n sides, rosewood bridge n fretboard, Aquila strings and what appear to be good quality tuners.

I used to think ukes were cute little toys, but I am really happy that I now see good ukes as serious musical instruments! Thanks for running a great site on ukes! Thanks for posting a little review. There are so many little ukulele manufacturers popping up all over the place.

It sounds like a good uke! I just recently picked up the ukulele and have grown very fond of it. While visiting Hawaii I got a ukulele for cheap you know nothing to special. Well I put some better strings on it and tuned it with a tuner, and it sounds amazing. I have also since picked up another ukulele at a garage sale for 50 cents strings where busted but I figure I will just put new strings on it and if it sounds good great if not oh well. One of my favorite songs of all time is over the rainbow and I was so excited when I found this site.

It really is great. I did not have time to read through all of those comments…WOW! Has your experience been the same in that regard? Great website and lots of fun, btw! Namaste, Mandy. Do you think that this was a good choice for me??? Whenever i tried to reach to Em it is always hard for me. Plz respond back. I play a Lanakai Concert electric. The tuning keys are professional quality and the Aquila strings hold their tune on stage.

This is a good thing! This site is a dream! Thanks for the helpful info! I figured it would be more of a souvenir to get their brand. But I love my ukulele! Hello great site, this is very helpfull for the uke beginner I am! I just bought a Lehua Soprano. Do you know it? My kids and i try to learn the tabs by ourselves and have really fun. But the strings can be better. Which are do you prefer?

We have been issued with Mahalo ukes and despite the initial constant retuning of 20 ukes my kids love it! For me it makes no difference how much they cost they ALL get treated like a priceless vase — if they learn to respect and appreciate a cheap one then if they continue learning they will certainly appreciate a more expensive one. I just love the sound and its great that kids get success very quickly with them. Such a fab wee instrument! Anyone know a good crossover uke?

I play guitar and want to learn uke. Great article! I really like the Mahalo uke, it sounds good and comes in different colors which make is fun. Thanks for the info! Hi Brett, I picked up a concert sized Mitchell at Guitar Center recently, and have been favorably impressed with the low action and rich tone. They seem a little loose, though. Hi,I am a 60 yr. When I was a kid I had a hand me down uke…. What uke do you recommend?

I would easily recommend it to anyone, maintains its tune for way more than three hours of straight playing and jamming with others and it sounds simply fantastic too. To the trained ear, it may sound similar to a mandolin at first, but it is simply magnificent as an instrument. It has a much fuller, almost guitar-like sound which I rather like and just feels really nice to play.

What a wealth of information. Is anyone familiar with Lucky Penny? Description seemed very much like some of the others mentioned here. I have been playing now for about a month. I went with the coolness factor and got a tenor Fender, and I love it. Very sweet uku. Also, love the site, it has been a BIG help on my new journey! Hi, I have only been playing for about 6 months and I am addicted. I started out on a Mitchell MU 70 concert great little uke very happy and bright.

I had to pick up banjo, mandolin, and uke very quickly I already played guitar and Bass for many years. I ended up buying a Luna Tattoo and it has been a great instrument. Good sound, intonation, etc. I recently changed over to the low G and really like it. I am also a school music teacher for elementary kids and I decided to add ukulele to the classroom.

Several students have ordered their own and I beleive it to be a decent beginner uke for kids. They are holding up well in the classroom and I am teaching 1st grade through 5th. If you are looking for an inexpensive introduction to the uke this might be a decent choice. I have some students who bought other brands Mahalo, etc. I have always advised students to buy the best instrument they can afford at the time. If that is a cheapie, then learn on it and you will have a better idea of what to look for when you upgrade.

Keep the cheapie around to take on campouts or to the beach. My fingers are raw. I played guitar as a kid and into early adult life. I only really learned a few folk toons so I did not get very far with it. My father was a world class trumpet player and old school. I beat scales into me on guitar and Piano at the same time.

Really it made me lose interest. I better approach I think is to learn scales, learn theory but learn some tunes at the same time. I have a lanikai concert ukulele. Intonation seems a tiny bit off, but I dont care at this point. I am wondering if there is a better string I could use that would help me brake my fingers in slower. My index finger had a run in with a table saw years back and grooved the bone out a little so it is even worse then the rest. F7 right next to the nut is really hard to deal with.

If you live in the UK I recommend Dawsons music cheap own brand Redwood ukelele , I have the concert with the zebra wood body , it was 65 quid, plays lovely , just needed a quick nut set up As it was a bit too high. I just bought today a Kala k-s ukulele is this ukulele has a good quality sound?

And is thiS a good ukulele? I need your opinion about my new ukulele because this is my first time to play this instrument. I started to play with a Johnson baritone since I have tremor which prevents me from playing my classical guitar these days. To this day it continues to remain in tune and sounds adequate for a first baritone experience. I must admit that I really enjoy playing them for church.

Not all Johnson hies are flawed you just have to play them to find a good one. I purchased mine from Musicians Friend about 10 years ago. I am a quite amateur acoustic guitar player, and am looking to purchase a good-very good quality uke.

Which model will perform well, keep its tune, and last a good while? I can not decide between the dolphin makala and the pineapple makala.. If you have large hands, you should definitely get a tenor. C: Unless you have nimble, small fingers! Doug, I am in my 81st year with arthritic fingers and am becoming addicted to ukulele playing.

Good luck…my dog has fleas too! I just ordered a ukulele but I kind of regret it now and want to exchange it for a different brand. However, I read reviews that said it was horrible. Do you know anything about it? Also, since I am planning on returning that one, I am looking at the Mahalo Soprano uke. What do you think of this ukulele? Hey guys! My estimation is between and USD. I think im buying the Oscar Schmidt one, I have seen some Kalas around that price, or higher, but Oscar Shcmidt models are insane.

What would you recommend? I seek a very good sound, and a great wood model. The wood is mango…very beautiful and sounds terrific! Check it out online…the best looking uke I have ever seen! Good luck! The wood is spalted mango and the sound is fantastic!

It is the most beautiful ukulele I have ever seen! I live in Mexico, so finding a ukulele locally was difficult. Absolutely love it. Has a great tone. When the strings are depressed, it ends up bending them slightly too far and thus creates a slightly higher pitch than desired, especially further up the neck.

This can be remedied by filing down the nut slots and removing the saddle then filing down the bottom of it and replacing it back in the bridge. The action also drastically improves ease of play. On one starter ukulele i bought a Luna tattoo concert uke , the nut slots were so high that i had immense trouble barring the first fret and a little trouble playing single strings on the first fret.

It worked perfectly. It plays beautifully, especially for the wood used, very sweet mellow sound that resonates rather long. Not to mention the beautiful design on it! The wood is much more solid and it resonates a bit longer. It doesnt quite sound as mellow as my luna, but its definitely louder and easier to play, and sounds absolutely delightful! DO NOT buy the kala ka-cem exotic mahogany , the body shape is much smaller and i can honestly say i find the wood to produce an ugly, tinny, obnoxious tone and it doesnt project well at all.

The moral of the story is, though, that you can buy a starter ukulele and improve it. Should I replace the current strings with Aquila strings or get another ukulele that might be of a better quality? Thank you. My first and only ukulele is a Kohala Kine-O soprano ukulele. It has a nice sound but it does produce a slight buzzing noise due to some manufacturing errors in the frets. I am planning on upgrading in a couple of months anyways. Keep in mind that one aspect of cheaper ukuleles is possible difficulty of staying in tune, or intonation.

It could be due to imprecisely placed frets, tuners not staying put, but either way, or the action being too high, it can make playing frustrating. Getting a professional setup is very important, but even more important with less expensive ukuleles because of poorer quality control. Need some reviews please help.

What about the Luna ukulele? What is the nicest sounding wood that ukuleles are made out of? When a ukulele is electric does that mean I can only play it when it is connected to the amplifier? Or can it be used with and without being connected to the amp? What are your thoughts on a Luna Concert Mahogany Ukulele? This will be my first purchase for a Ukulele, and it is in my price range.

Yes, i am a beginner, but i want to get a quality Uke at a reasonable price! Also I would like for it to last, do you have any ideas and if so where should I buy it Internet or shop. This article has been so helpful. Is the Makala Dolphin only sold online? The uke sounds pretty nice to me and it came with Aquila strings which was nice. I like how since it was a pack it came with a gig bag and tuner because I otherwise would have had ti buy a tuner.

Which of the following ukulele you think is more suitable for a beginner? I first got into ukuleles three years ago when one of my best friends was moving from the States back to Taiwan. It was love at first strum! After playing the Dolphin for about two and a half years, I decided that it was probably time to upgrade to something of a better quality.

This has been one of my best buy-and-then-tell-mom buys! I was at a music store the other day and was able to try out a If I remember correctly Makala Baritone. I instantly fell in love with the different sound quality that it produced compared to Concerts and Sopranos. Btw nice lessons! There are so many ukes out there and wanted to know if i should get a teach yourself kit or just an uke and learn online. The firebrand ukulele also comes with a book and chord chart and tuning lessons.

What should I do????????? Great site, Brett and thanks for all the excellent resources and demos. The specs say it has an agathis wood top, rosewood fingerboard and mahogany neck. It also has an injection molded body — is that the plastic part? Hi Jacquie, great question. Often times, the top, back, and sides will be a laminate combined with wood or other stuff such as plastic or another kind of composite material. Often times retailers will avoid disclosing this fully in the description.

First of all I want to thank you for the website. It is a wealth of great information. I was thinking about getting a banjolele. Have you played one before? Do you have any suggestions? Hey i want a ukulele, but i dont know know what type of ukulele is the best for me… 2 of my cousins have them….

Thank you :. I was very impressed as it was built very well, it stayed in tune, had great action, intonation was fabulous, projected well and had a very balanced tone. I also tried the smaller OU13 soprano and it played just as well much to my surprise. It might be because of the spruce top on both these instruments. It played and sounded great as well but with a much warmer and mellower tone. On a side note the O.

My next purchase will be an Oscar Schmidt…. Hi, Brett! My first ukulele is an Ohana Pineapple Ukulele who only responds to the name Layla. I was wondering if pineapple ukuleles have a different tonal sound than the classic uke shape. Hi, I am looking at buying my brother a ukulele for his birthday. I k ow that he likes Kala and wants a tenor electric, so I have been hunting around. It appears there are quite a few on E Bay manufactured in China. Is this where they are all manufactured? The one I am looking at is mahogany , which I have read gives a good sound for the tenor as does walnut and spruce apparently.

They offer refunds but just wondered what other more knowledgeable readers might be able to add re the Chinese standard of finish etc. My first uke is a luna tattoo pineapple style. I tend to like lower instruments Cello, french horn etc and the pineapple shape gives it a very mellow sound. Highly recommend. Hey Brett! About two months ago I bought my first ukulele. What types would you recommend that are within a reasonable price range?

Has anyone had experience with the two that Costco sells? Saw the Kohala in the store and it was nice for a first timer me though wondering if the Kahuna is a better buy. My first and only uke is a black, National Steel concert.

I ordered it and they custom built it. It took 5 months but the wait was worth it. Thanks for great free material. Love that little thing. Now looking to get myself a littler bigger uke…. Does anyone know of an online uke seller that sells Oscar Schmidts and offers the set-up that many places advertise. I may just get a cordoba from Hawaii Music Supply. I also own an OU5 tenor uke…a beautiful and great sounding koa laminate ukulele.

You should be able to pick one up through Amazon…they partner with many sellers. I own two OS ukeses and both were spot on out of the shipping box…neither needed to be set up. Was it a soprano or tenor…whats the best sounding out of those two? Just got my first Ukulele here in Toronto. My wife gave me the K-zebra concert uke for this Christmas. Looks great too. But the tuning gears are cheap, did not work, and kept losing the tune.

It drove me nuts. We will actually return it today. I am planning to buy a Ukulele but I saw sites saying that soprano type of ukulele is suited for beginners, is this true? I want to buy a tenor type of ukulele because you said that people who have big fingers can play this type of ukulele more comfortably. My first uke was a Lanikai spalted maple concert. And I love it. My second was a Luna Tattoo pineapple soprano.

I also bought a cheap plastic uke that I could take to the beach or sit on or lose and not mind as much. My first uke is the Cordoba Concert sized. Good size for my grown up size hands. I tried the soprano and too small. I also have A Lanakai with ability to play electric or acoustic that I got last Christmas. Still love my Cordoba but like to be able to play through an amp, too. Thanks for your wonderful website.

I started taking lessons at 52 years old having never played an instrument of any kind and find it gives my life a whole new meaning to connect with the music by playing the music. Keep up your great work on this site. Therebis a Ukulele revolution out there! Merry Christmas!!!! I am getting a a Hofna Concert Ukulele for christmas, I have a soprano at the momen and sometimes i thought it sounded tinny!

Does anyone have a Hofna Concert? Hi Brett, I got myself a second ukulele, a Korala concert uke, exotic mahogany. Not expensive and a great, warm sound. The more expensive ones did not have that same warm sound. It turned out that my ukulele teacher also bought a Korala tenor uke, exotic mahogany for that same reason: warm sound, not too expensive. I love my ukes.

Thanks so much for the Christmas songs. How nice of you to share your skills … regards Tania Belgium. I started learning as well. It sounds brilliant. Since I often play when everyone else goes to bed, I needed something quieter.

I just picked up a custom cigar-box style concert uke. Looks awesome, plays great intonation is even good! For my first uke I purchased an Ibanez concert cutaway. It has a high-gloss finish and is an acoustic electric. It is exotic and the sound is rich and full.

It also has an on-board tuner. The neck is made of Mahogany and has an abalone rosette around the soundhole. A bit pricey I know but I sure am proud and happy with it. Is there anyone who would be interested in joining me? Perhaps yourself Btrett.

From what I have read it seems like a great experience. I am a beginner. I was wondering if a Kala KA s would be good for me. I want this to last a long time and it might take a beating or two. I would also want to know what your opinion is for buying it on Amazon? Amazon is a top quality merchandiser…very good service and very supportive of both their vendorrs and customers. I have purchased 3 ukuleles and many other items from them…not a single problem. Researching which might be best ukulele to start off with based on what is available to me in local music shops.

More or less decided to go concert size rather than soprano and would spend a little more for solid wood rather than laminated. Any help greatly appreciated. I just got a Kohala for my birthday last month. I am also a beginner. I tune it every day and find that it keeps its tune quite well. I had to get a humidifier to go with it.

Quite happy with this instrument. Brett, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed your site today. I started early this morning having decided to buy a ukulele, but knowing nothing about them. I found the list of 5 that you posted and began to do research on them. I also read almost all of the posts below your recommendations and did research on them. It has turned into a 10 hour research project, but it would have been almost impossible without this forum. Also in your forum I read some good comments about Hawaii Music Supply.

Once again, something I would not have thought about without this forum. I hope that turns out to be a good decision. So anyway, thanks so much for all you obviously put into this project. I hope it turns out to be a financially rewarding venture. I know it must be rewarding on a personal level. I will subscribe to your lessons when the uke comes…or maybe before. Thanks again. My mom wants to buy me a ukulele for valentines day. She only wants to buy one that comes with a book though and she warns to buy it off amazon.

If anyone knows anything about kits off amazon it would be great if you could comment. I am a beginner player. Brett, My son just bought a uke for me. Do you know anything about them? Any tips for an old lady? Hi Brett, what kind of ukulele is on the cover of your free book?

I am playing guitar for almost a year now and I was wondering if should buy a tenor or a soprano uke. I also wondered if you knew anything about the brands Mahalo and Korala. And if you do, would you recommend them? Hi, I started playing uke in the summer and absolutely love it. Am now teaching 60 kids at school too! I wanted to upgrade to an electro-acoustic one and wondered if you had any recomendations please?

Hi there! I remember as a kid what a huge deal it was to be able to reach a whole octave on the piano! I play a fair acoustic guitar and was considering a baritone uke because I was told it would be easy to learn. Is that the truth, and could you recommend a good solid wood brand? Thanks — Jim. A friend recommended the soprano or concert ukulele. I play guitar so looking for a small feel for female.

Many comments on Amazon site for the Lanikai LU say it sounds like a toy for kids. Anyone familiar with the quality and sound? What are your thoughts on this? Is there anything else that is comparable? Any suggestions? This is great information! I am searching for the right uke for my soon to be 17 yr old son. Do think that would be a good one? I was thinking of getting a concert but perhaps the tenor is a better choice for a boy. Ok, Brunswick are good starter models, Chinese made and laminate, dark mahogony laminate with white edgings which stands out well.

I had tenor and my birst baritone in these and found them good. Good tone for the money. Ashbury is proprietory to Hobgoblin store chain in the UK or Gremlin products more internationally. Often made in Vietnam, but again, good tone and feel including high gloss ones. They include the spruce soundboard and mahogany body combination, and I also had a flame oak model, I think that is a local wood to area of manufacture.

I am on my 2nd Lanikai, very satisfying quality and performance. I also found Barnes and Mullins spruce top and spalted Maple body an absolute gem, so had both baritone and tenor. Note: this is the first baritone I had tuned with a high 4th string like tenor and everything below it. You get big body projection without having to play a deep bass line.

It is common to be able to take these back for a full unconditional refund within 14 days or so. Actually, the condition is that it still has original box in useable condition and the instrument or item is still as good as new — they still have to re-sell it. Get a case, a good one, if you get a good instrument to love — it gets to that in the end!

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But the tax benefits make it worth it! You are better off just savings your money, or maybe looking at a Certificate of Deposit. Remember, investing is for the long term, and in the short term, you can lose money. If you need the money in the near future, you likely shouldn't invest. If you want to invest for the medium term, and don't want your money locked up into retirement, you can still open a regular brokerage account.

This is the actual account that holds your investments. It's a little different than a savings account, and you usually have to be at a different company than your bank. Where you open your account really depends on how much you want to do when it comes to your investments.

If you don't want to think about investing at all, and just want it all handled for you, you might consider investing at a robo-advisor like Betterment. With a tool like Betterment, you open an account, answer some questions, and deposit your money. Betterment handles the rest for a small annual fee.

It's that easy. You can even setup direct deposits and have it done automatically for you! Check out Betterment here. If you want a little more control over what you invest in, maybe want to pick some of your own investments, check out M1 Finance. They are a free investing platform that requires a little more work, but they do allow you to customize your portfolio beyond their basics.

And best of all, it's commission-free. Check out M1 Finance here. Once you have your account open, you need to actually invest your money. This is a step that some people forget to do - they simply deposit money into their brokerage and nothing happens with it.

If you're investing at a robo-advisor like Betterment, this is taken care of for you. But if you're investing anywhere else, you need to go in and choose your investments. This is the hardest part for most people, because it can be scary and confusing about what to actually invest in. Here's we like to keep things simple, especially if you're reading Investing for Dummies. That means a simple, small, low cost index funds portfolio. Here's a few examples we recommend: Lazy Portfolios.

If you like the investment, you simply find the symbol the letters representing the investment , enter that trade, and you're set. If you're investing on M1 Finance, you can setup each symbol as a pie slice to make it really easy for future investments. Once you're invested, you're not done. There is definitely some follow-up that needs to happen on your part. Not a lot, but some. While investing in mutual funds and ETF is much less hands-on, you should evaluate your portfolio at least once a year, if not once a quarter.

Then, you should think about setting up automatic investing. This is a great way to build your portfolio over time. Finally, you have to handle some tax paperwork every year. If you're invested in an IRA, you simply save the paperwork and nothing is required. However, if you're investing in a taxable brokerage account, you need to potentially report your earnings on your tax return every year. Don't be scared by taxes, it's not complicated for most situations.

Here's our list of the best tax software for investors , but you can also consult with a CPA or tax professional if you don't know what to do. You can learn more about him on the About Page , or on his personal site RobertFarrington. He regularly writes about investing, student loan debt, and general personal finance topics geared towards anyone wanting to earn more, get out of debt, and start building wealth for the future.

He is also a regular contributor to Forbes. The College Investor is an independent, advertising-supported publisher of financial content, including news, product reviews, and comparisons. Other Options. Get Out Of Debt. How To Start. Extra Income. Build Wealth. Credit Tools. Once you have mastered that technique then you can start focusing on learning the technical analysis.

Investing Tip 4. Use fundamental analysis to find the right business, then use technical analysis to get in the market at the right time. One of the greatest things about investing in the stock market is that regardless of where you live, you can easily buy, sell, or even trade your stocks from your own home. All you need to start investing online is a stable Internet connection and a trading account with an online stock broker, which there are plenty to choose from.

Different brokers offer different things, some are very hands on in helping you build your portfolio, while others sit back and just charge you fees. As a beginner, you may consider opening a trading account from some online brokers like TD Ameritrade thinkorswim , and InteractiveBrokers. They are the most reliable and legit stock brokers that you can trust and keep your money there. Investing Tip 5. The reason is simple — the US stock markets offer a distinct advantage to investors looking to maximize their profits.

So, how can you buy shares from the US stock market if you are a foreign investor? You just need to open a trading account from some online US stock brokers and then you can easily buy and sell shares from the US stock market. One thing that I want to tell you is that no matter where you are living now, you should consider investing in the US stock market because of its gigantic advantages.

Investing Tip 6. If you are serious about getting into stocks, the best thing that you can do for yourself now is to educate yourself. Find out everything you can about the types of stocks I have mentioned here, as well as the investing approaches I have discussed. If you want to learn more and accelerate your learning, go ahead and enroll in my investing courses. I'd love to know your thoughts in the comment's section below. Hung Nguyen. Entrepreneur, independent investor, instructor and a visionary of my team here.

I've been playing with stocks and cryptocurrencies and sharing my knowledge to the world. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. All you need to do is to look at investing in a different way. If you believe that investing is risky, then it will never be safe.

If you believe that investing is complicated, then it will never be easy to learn. If you believe that you cannot get rich by investing in stocks, then you should forget learning about investing. How to Invest in Income Stocks. Click to Tweet. What Should You Invest in First? In all honesty, by far the most important thing that you should invest in is your own education. From the view point of an investor, a stock is an asset, and you are also an asset.

Once you have a fishing rod, you can start fishing. Once you have a secret weapon, you can start killing your enemies. Once you learn the right investment strategy, you can start making easy money from the stock market. Set your personal financial goals Create a spending plan Pay off your debts as early as possible Treat your personal expenses like business expenses Plan your retirement.

Below are 4 steps you can follow to cut your spending in order to save more to pay off your debts: Study about your monthly expenses to find out where your money is going to and where you can cut your expenses Do not spend your money on satisfying your short-term needs Think twice before you buy something to make sure that you will only spend on buying important stuffs Plan your purchases and look for a huge discount.

Determine how much money you want to have in your bank account for living your retirement dreams. Determine how much income you need to generate in order to cover your monthly expenses. Use this tool to set your long-term financial goals: Determine how much money you will start investing with Determine your monthly deposits Use the calculator to estimate your compounded returns.

The more money you save to invest, the faster you will achieve your financial goals. In order to build a portfolio, you are going to need to take certain factors into consideration. You will need to think about How much money you have to invest each month What your future capital needs are going to be How old you currently are How long you have to grow your investments. Below is a list of essential types of investments that you will need to consider adding to your investment portfolio: Exchange Traded Funds ETFs : this type of investment will bring you a stable return, and be the best option for you to build your long-term wealth.

Value stocks : this type of investment is essential to help you grow your investment portfolio faster, as well as bring you a very good return. Income stocks : this type of investment is the best source for generating passive income online.

You invest within years You will allegedly take higher risks You can possibly generate higher returns in case you master your technical analysis skills You will normally have to pay more capital gains taxes Invest a small proportion of your money in short-term investments to maximize your returns.

You invest up to years You will allegedly take lower risks You can possibly generate stable returns by just buying and holding your investments You will normally pay a lower capital gains tax Invest a large proportion of your money in long-term investments to generate stable returns. How to Invest in Exchange Traded Funds. How to Invest in Value Stocks. The first step to value investing is finding value socks based on specific criteria.

And vice versa, if a stock has its PEG Ratio higher than 1. You can learn more about the PEGY ratio here. This method requires an advanced skill in financial analysis. Investing in income stocks is very simple. Below are a list of income stocks that you can consider adding to your investment portfolio: Dividend Stocks: This is the most well-known type of income stocks that many investors are interested in. Considering to invest in dividend stocks is a must because they will be your main stream of passive income.

When you invest in a dividend-paying company, you will be eligible for receiving a cash dividend paid out by that company. In very simple terms, you can understand that REITs are simply a type of company that owns a real estate portfolio which include various types of properties. When you invest in a REIT, this simply means you are buying a part of this portfolio, and you will be eligible for receiving a payout which is similar to a dividend payout. When you buy an income ETF, this simply means you are buying a diversified fund that includes a variety of high-yield investments.

How to Use Fundamental Analysis. Fundamental analysis is the most commonly used investment approach when it comes to investing. How fundamental analysis works is simple. How to Use Technical Analysis. That sounds interesting, right? There is only one rule that you need to follow when using the technical analysis. So which method should we use to pick stocks?

The next thing that you need to consider is how to buy stocks. Before creating an account make sure you have researched the company thoroughly. So, which online stock broker should you use? Be aware of cheap brokers, they aren't cheap! One more important thing that you need to do is figuring out where to buy stocks. Should you invest in your local stock market or should you invest elsewhere? In all honesty, the best place to invest money is in the US stock market.

High volume and liquidity: There are many investors like you pumping their money into the US stock markets. That results in high volume and an extraordinary level of liquidity. Free access to financial data: Whether you want to study about great companies that you are looking to invest in, or you want to figure out if those companies will grow in the future, there are tools to help you. Most of those tools are free-of-charge and straightforward to use. The US government will charge you nothing for the profit you make from your shares increasing in price.

As you can see that investing in the US stock market is very lucrative. No matter where you live, the US stock market is the best place to invest your money in Take some time and do some more research. The more you know the easier investing will be. Thank you so much for reading! About the Author. Close dialog. Session expired Please log in again.

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To start investing today is easy, but doing it in the right way requires the right knowledge sometimes even technical. You may also try it all alone, and go for a long road of trials and errors. Here is where the journey begins, a journey that will get you, in the shortest time possible, to become an evolved investor. Then, you will discover the most accessible market, the Forex , where you can invest even with a small amount of savings.

You will then learn how Social Trading works. It was undoubtedly at that time that the world of finance, markets and stock market began to exert its fascination on us. It was also at that time, however, that a false belief took root in our way of thinking about the possibilities of investing. How much is a capital? How much is it worth? It is a crucial step, perhaps the most important. On the contrary!

The reality is that everyone has a capital. All, without exception. For somebody it will be hundreds of thousands of dollars, for others tens of thousands, for others maybe only a few hundred dollars. Whatever the figure is , that is a capital that can be used for an investment. You just have to continue along this journey and take with you the information you will find in InvestinGoal.

Give yourself this opportunity. Once finished this and the other simple courses, you will have the instruments to start investing and build on your personal capital, whatever it might be. But the definition we like the most is only one.

We need money and money is at the basis of a myriad of key activities that pertain our life. Putting our money, as someone says, under the mattress, will turn us into money possessors. But being possessed is not the purpose for which money exists. Money is there to be utilized. You can use it to do your shopping, to buy goods, the smart phone, the automobile and in general everything that passes through your head.

Also having a small untouchable amount for the dark times is not a bad idea. On the other side, you can use your money to make other money. Then, money will do the rest. The first : to buy a good, and then wait for this to raise in value over time, so to be able to resell at a higher value and cash the profit. This is the method that probably everyone knows.

The most well known in this context is the purchase of a property. Another example of this type of investment is the purchase of works of art. In this case, rather than hoping for a value increase based on time, the investor hopes for an increase of the quotation and popularity of that specific artist or type of work. By purchasing a share, the investor becomes owner of a piece of that company, and he hopes the value of that company will rise, so he can then sell that piece of the company to a new owner, or another shareholders, at a higher value, and cash the profit.

Now we can even buy a financial instrument and earn money if its value decreases. It might seems crazy, but actually is not. We will discuss this concepts in the next course dedicated to the Forex market. The second : to lend money for a certain period of time and then get them back with the addiction of an interest.

By buying a bond I am lending my money to that country for an amount equivalent to the value of that bond at that time, and the country is committed to give the money back to me on a specific date, with the addition of a pre-determined interest, with no possibilities of escaping from this payment, penalty the declaration of bankruptcy. There are many types of bond, not only for country, but also for companies.

By buying that bonds, you lend money to the company that issued them. The company will reward us after a certain period paying us an interest in the form of coupons. There are a lot of possibilities, all different and each with its own strengths and weaknesses. With these InvestinGoal courses you have the chance to discover the fundamentals of the art of investing, and then specialize in the most innovative, called Social Trading.

The important thing, after realizing what an investment is and how you can invest your money, is definitely to understand and have clear what an investment IS NOT. Investing is not gambling. A lot of people still make this associations.

You can also bet on the stock market pulling a dime, but do it in a professional manner is another thing. The art of the investing money is based on reasonable expectations, which derive from statistics , derived in their turn from professional studies done on that sector. An investment is based on these components: study, experience and facts. There are statistics data and there are systems that work via them and that can produce a gain in the best way possible.

As investor you have to learn to recognize and foster those investment systems that statistically, in the long run, are profitable. First of all you needs to accept it , because it exist and it will be your ubiquitous travel companion. The financial world is constantly changing, and together with the classical and so to say historical methods, there are now new innovative ones.

In this lesson of the course we will explain in very simple terms the main financial investment methods of today and their main features, including also the one with which you may start with very little capital and in a very short time.

Owning one or more shares of a company literally means to be a member of that organization, then to have the right to vote, but, above all, the right to earn from the profit produced by that company , usually in proportion to the number of shares held. However, the peculiarities might be many, and not all companies pay the dividends to its shareholders. In that case, the shareholder will be able to make money from his investment gaining from the growth in value of its shares, and the subsequent sale to another investor.

Conversely, the more a company is weak, the more its shares will be unattractive, people will not want them and they will lose value. This means that if shares pays no dividends, you can only gain from the fact that they increase in value, which in other words means to speculate on the difference between the sale and the purchase price. Having a bond means having lent money to another company, and having in your hand a title that certifies that the company has a debt towards you, which must be compensated on a specific date, together with the payment of pre-determined interest , to honor your loan.

Usually the more risky the company to which you have lent money is, the higher the interest will be. Conversely, if the company is considered less risky your investment will be paid at a lower interest rate. Or, if the company knows to be less attractive than others, to attract customers it can put into circulation bonds that pay a higher interest.

The fact that they are called bonds obligation is to indicate that those who receive the money borrowed are obliged to repay the capital, plus the interest on the indicated date. So, we have a fixed date and a fixed return. From one point of view we can say that bonds are risk-free investment, although they are not.

The companies can still fail and therefore no longer fulfill their debts, and never as in recent years we have had firsthand experience of the fact that states themselves may go bankrupt see Argentina. Shares on the other hand can offer much higher yields, but there is obviously a risk that these returns do not come at all. The manager then go with that capital to buy stocks and bonds and build up the mutual fund. The profits are then distributed in relation to the shareholding stake in that fund.

There are hundreds types of funds. Funds that invest in baskets of securities, funds that tend to replicate an index or set of indices, funds managed passively or actively, including the well-known hedge funds. The distinctions that can be done are many. Usually many of these investment funds are hooked on savings plans or insurance policies , and are used by users who are not willing to spend time learning how to invest independently.

The benefits are many in that sense, as well as the disadvantages. The main disadvantages are that the returns on the investment are often very poor, affected in many cases by the high operating costs. In many respects, these tools are used by those who have large investment capacity and uses them to keep their capital away from inflation and gain something if things go well. In simple terms, inflation means the rising of prices of goods and services, resulting in a reduced purchasing power.

Here we enter in the speculation and short selling territory, where you can earn even after the depreciation of a particular asset. In case there will be favorable conditions, I will confirm the purchase or sale option as written, making my investment bear its fruit; if instead the conditions will be unfavorable, I will not conclude the transaction, and I will avoid the loss, but I will of course NOT recover the initial cost already paid.

Within this basic operations there are a long series of advanced strategy, such as the opportunity of selling these contracts instead of buying them, but this is not the place to talk of this topics. In practice, with futures you get the right to buy or sell goods at a price and date that have been established at the moment of creation of the contract.

Upon expiration of the futures contract, the investor will benefit and gain from the difference between the purchase or sale price established with the future, and the current market price of the underlying asset of the future itself. The future underlying assets can be both real, such as commodities wheat, gold, metals, coffee, etc as well as financial.

The Foreing Exchange Market , commonly called Forex or Fx, is the currency market , the largest market in the world and the most well known in our times. Forex is not an investment, but a market where instruments such as options or futures, in addition to the mere purchase and sale the spot market , can be used. In fact, a currency is never bought or sold individually, but is traded on the basis of the equivalent with another currency through an exchange.

Speculators invest on the fact that this exchange between the two currencies will grow or diminish. Options, Futures and the Forex market offers huge earning potential, but obviously, given the law of compensation, the risks grow hand in hand. In addition to this, the level of knowledge and experience necessary to be able to invest profitably in these areas is very considerable check out our list of the best forex trading sites for beginners.

Compared to rely on others to buy stocks, or bonds, or mutual fund shares which does not require time to be learnt , to act personally in these areas for sure takes years of deep and intense studies. Its key feature is the fact that it stays halfway between the two main categories seen so far:.

Thanks to specialized platforms, the investor can view a portfolio of market operators, called traders or Signal Providers , he can observe and compare their styles and performances, and, if interested, he can choose to connect his account to one or more of these traders. Once the favorite traders have been chosen, the investor can leave his money to work and periodically perform control operations on his investment. Earnings , compared to the amount of capital used, can be definitely higher than those of bonds and even stocks, and also the timing might be shorter.

On the other hand, there is still risk, but with the proper knowledge it will certainly be much lower than the retail Forex speculation, since the investor relies on traders who have already proven to be profitable. We will see in detail the potential of this new form of investment in the dedicated course. But for now, do not rush, and first terminates this course, because here you will find the most important concepts for the success in any investment, including, of course, with Social Trading.

When we think about the different investment instruments and the investment practice in general, one of the factor that very often discourages most people is undoubtedly time. Hardly ever we have found what we hoped for, in fact many of our desires and our aspirations are often left unfinished. Just think about that time when we tried to study a foreign language with one of those courses that promised to make us learn it in 24 hours, without any effort, just by listening to the tapes.

Then when we found out that instead, to really learn it, it was required a serious study and especially a lot of practice, we immediately abandoned our purposes. Some dwell on the first technique, or even better, they take some time at the beginning to find a technique that seems worthy, professional, suited to their way of being.

At that point, they remain focused only on that, and they give themselves the right time to learn it, knowing that every day , spending even just a few minutes, they will become more and more masters of this new discipline. These people give themselves time, and they also give time to the technique to make sure it expresses the results. When you invest is exactly the same thing. You must have clear in mind that, once you start, you have to leave enough time to your money to work with that strategy.

Many make the mistake at that point of not giving time for the strategy to accomplish its cycle. Too bad for those who had left before it was realized. The time factor is also the reason why many prefer to entrust their money to other investors, so that the latters will make the choices for them.

As recent history has taught us, these people have given control of their money to other people, they trusted them, and this trust, unfortunately, has not been repaid. And that is when they get bad surprises. In your opinion, a company that has strong interests in construction companies, will not use your money to invest in buildings? If they would have done so decades ago it would have been a bargain. But if they still continued to do so while the housing bubble was bursting, the story would have been different.

That would not have been reasonable expectation, but only personal interest. Linked to the time factor, there are also the expectations on how much and how quickly you want to earn. Even here the situation is simple, ie, to make your money work intelligently and as safe as possible, it takes the right time and the right approach.

As you have seen, the right time is needed for your investment to make its cycle and demonstrate that reasonable expectation. The right setting of your strategy is fundamental to allow your fund to survive in any circumstance, to resist in the negative situation, and to have always the strength to start again. If your intent is to double or triple your capital in a few months, I assure you that, within a few months or even less, like a few weeks, your account will be halved, if not burned completely.

To find out if a gain percentage in a short time is too exaggerated, try to convert it into a loss, and ask yourself if you can accept it. I mean you must be able to access the data of all it has done for at least one year, with the help of special tools that can make it easy to read them.

And if you have 2 or 3 years, even better. Of course, there may be exceptions, but these are good starting points. In normal cases, if the conditions that have led you to make a certain kind of choices remain valid, then you have to leave enough time for your investment to work, and a year is usually the right time to be able to draw your own conclusions.

Then, there is the time you have to give yourself to learn this new discipline. On this factor, now you have an edge because we have created a complete path to show you how to invest with this new opportunity called Social Trading. But please, do not jump immediately ahead, remember this lesson, give yourself the time to read all of the courses, at least once, but even better if you read them twice.

If you make one accurate step at a time , you will arrive straight and precisely to hit your goal. Those instead who run in a disorderly way and jump the steps, they are more likely to miss completely the target. Do you know that it would take me at least 2 years to invest and get the result I want?

Knowing how to set a goal is something very powerful for an individual psychology. However, doing it right is not so obvious, and it requires good analytical skills , but not of external factors as you might think. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. So he said this famous Chinese general and philosopher lived years ago. When you invest, there are the goal you want to achieve, and the related risks.

Being masters of our own money , which translated means also to invest personally, having a goal and, above all, having the theoretical foundations to be able to reach it, places us in the favorable position of knowing what are the risks we can encounter. Knowing the risks associated with the achievement of a specific goal is really the starting point for a good investment. It would not make sense to start any activity without first having established what would be the risks.

To continue without knowing them can easily turn into irresponsibility. Once your goal is clear, and then you know all the risks related to it, at that point you have to make another type of analysis, but directed toward yourself. You have to be honest, to admit your limits , to predict your possible reactions and your tolerance levels. Which of the two investment strategies would you choose?

Many respond without fail that they would choose the former. And for many this would indeed be the best choice. Although it is not easy, try to imagine how you would feel if after 3 months you would have not yet accumulated a single dollar of earnings, but rather you would see your account totally halved.

I can assure you that for very few in the world that would not be a problem at all. Nobody likes losses, and losing half of the capital can really be a bad shot. Anyway, in losses you can also discover the spirit, the courage and the steady nerves of an investor. In fact, the savvy investor who had used the strategy 1, passed those three months and finding himself without half of his account, would analyze again all the conditions that led him to choose that strategy.

He would pass them all in an analytical review and would reason with a clear mind. He would conclude that the right conditions are still in place, so he would decide to continue with the strategy, and he would then be rewarded. After the negative moment, the strategy begins to scores excellent profits and in the following nine months the account recovers all the losses and reaches its target even before the year.

Now, this is just a fantasy scenario, and with a nice happy ending, but you can imagine how many would not be comfortable at all with that kind of risk, despite the prospect of the saved time might be interesting. Many people, knowing themselves and their possible reactions, would prefer to choose a safer way, that arrive at the same result, in twice the time, but also with less than half of the risks.

Knowing yourself also means being aware of the condition or situation you find yourself in. A pensioner may have a different time horizon from a young worker just come of age. But not necessarily. A pensioner might want to invest on a very solid and contained plan just to save his retirement from inflation. Or he might want a more ambitious plan for a portion of his savings, to try to leave something more to her grandchildren.

Or he might aim to double the capital in 2 years to buy the car of his dreams, and because of that is willing to risk more. That's why I wanted to create this Investing For Dummies guide because investing is complex - and I want to make it easy for you to start.

It's so essential to start investing especially at a younger age because the power of investing is magnified with time. The longer you invest, the more successful you can potentially be. So, even if you're a dummy and don't know where to start - this guide will walk you through the basics of everything you need to know about starting to invest. Before we even dive into how to invest, it's important to understand what investing actually is.

When you invest, you are becoming an owner of a company. When you buy a share of stock, you are owning a tiny little piece of that company. If the company does well, you are typically rewarded with the price of the stock going up, and if it does badly, the price can go down. Because you do have the potential to lose money, you are compensated a bit more than other places to park your money like FDIC insured money market accounts. They are basically the same thing, but there are nuances as to why they are different that don't matter for this discussion.

These are the biggest companies in the United States. It's an easy way to build a portfolio. So, now that you understand the basics of investing, why would you invest versus just saving your money - especially since there is the risk of loss? Because, over time, investing has provided better long term returns that other places of putting your money.

And if you want to retire someday, you need your money to work for you and grow. Saving alone will probably not get you to where you need to be. They're historical - meaning that because this happened in the past doesn't mean it will happen exactly the same in the future.

However, for the long term, investing has outperformed keeping your money in cash over the long run. So, if you're 30 years old, and looking at how to grow your money to a solid amount by the time you're 65, investing is the way to go.

Savings alone just won't cut it for you. Now that you know the basics of what investing is and why you should invest, you need to understand some basics on getting started investing. Retirement: If you're saving for retirement, investing is typically a good choice. Long term returns on investing typically outperform other investments. In the account, the money grows tax free, but you can only take it out without penalty in retirement - which can be limiting for some.

But the tax benefits make it worth it! You are better off just savings your money, or maybe looking at a Certificate of Deposit. Remember, investing is for the long term, and in the short term, you can lose money. If you need the money in the near future, you likely shouldn't invest. If you want to invest for the medium term, and don't want your money locked up into retirement, you can still open a regular brokerage account.

This is the actual account that holds your investments. It's a little different than a savings account, and you usually have to be at a different company than your bank. Where you open your account really depends on how much you want to do when it comes to your investments.

If you don't want to think about investing at all, and just want it all handled for you, you might consider investing at a robo-advisor like Betterment. With a tool like Betterment, you open an account, answer some questions, and deposit your money. Betterment handles the rest for a small annual fee.

It's that easy. You can even setup direct deposits and have it done automatically for you! Check out Betterment here. If you want a little more control over what you invest in, maybe want to pick some of your own investments, check out M1 Finance. They are a free investing platform that requires a little more work, but they do allow you to customize your portfolio beyond their basics.

And best of all, it's commission-free. Check out M1 Finance here. Once you have your account open, you need to actually invest your money. This is a step that some people forget to do - they simply deposit money into their brokerage and nothing happens with it. If you're investing at a robo-advisor like Betterment, this is taken care of for you. But if you're investing anywhere else, you need to go in and choose your investments. This is the hardest part for most people, because it can be scary and confusing about what to actually invest in.

Here's we like to keep things simple, especially if you're reading Investing for Dummies. That means a simple, small, low cost index funds portfolio.

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