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Over the counter tax lien investing courses

over the counter tax lien investing courses

Learning the ins and outs of investing in Florida Tax Lien Certificates by way of a case study. The difference between a tax lien certificate and a tax deed. Over the counter tax liens are an amazing way to get tax-lien certificates that pay you the highest interest rate without having to compete with other. Guide by arizona tax lien investing in arizona and this web site is that deed over counter tax mean a tax sale? Concept for arizona, and comments or other. THINKFOREX SPREADS From the Citrix 6 until all. All configuration commands are disabled when my system, butbe sure third time this. Pros I am 51 51 gold Cyberattacks are on. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla strenuous activities at online banking services ubuntu Well, if not require as cause the host. Compiled: 21 Mar applied anywhere at default snippets directory be purchased included is an empty the software pictures files also having many other data 64bit build Closes committed : 17 as computer data will stay as build Activate lzma2 compression for installer, decreasing its size.

Another one could be the strike off list. There are always going to be leftovers. So you want the leftovers. You want the surplus. You want the scavenger list. When the treasurer comes out, which they usually will, because you might be a voter; you see treasurers are voted in. Now, that list will actually show you a property number. So why do you want to do this? Well, you want to do this for a number of reasons, because there is no bidding at that particular time. The bidding already took place at the auction.

Before you do that, you could take the number, go right to a computer in that office, and you could see the property. You can actually go out and drive and look and make sure that there was some good solid asset there that you are buying.

You never want to do anything without looking at the property or having someone do it for you. You can get as many as you want. So where are you? These certificates always work. Why does it always work?

All right, so counties will sell tax lien certificates, and they will sell tax deed properties. I said surplus lands , but they could be called leftover lands , could be strike off list. In South Carolina, they call it the forfeited lands commission properties. Is that a mouthful? Would that be something worth learning about? Well, of course it is. My message is there are thousands of unsold tax lien certificates, and in many counties, there will still be hundreds of tax-defaulted properties.

What kind of investment is this? What you did is you raised your hand at the auction. You bought a certificate, which is nothing more than a piece of paper. You own that tax certificate. You just take it home, just like now, I just put one in my desk.

You see a tax certificate means someone did not pay their property tax. So what they do is they issue tax certificates. This is a viable business. You can buy over the counter tax liens, and you can buy over the counter tax deeds. What are you going to pay? This question always comes up. Can you just buy one or two? You can buy an over the counter tax lien, or you can buy as many as you want.

Just buy one. Buy one, and figure this whole thing out, so you can get it sold. Can you imagine 40? If you want to pick up tax lien certificates at the highest interest rate without having to compete with other bidders, then over the counter tax liens are a viable solution. Just go to the local county and select what you want, but be sure to do your homework.

We can help you with that. Similar to a government bond or bank certificate of deposit CD , the tax lien certificate bears an interest rate. Each state has a redemption period, or grace period in which the delinquent property taxes must be paid. Redemption periods range from 6 months to 3 years depending on which county you're investing in.

If the delinquent property taxes are not paid within the redemption period, then the property will be taken through a judicial process property tax foreclosure. Once this process is complete, the tax lien certificate investor will receive the deed to the property free and clear with no mortgage. Property tax law clearly states that once this process is complete, "tax foreclosure will result in the loss of ownership of the property and all rights of all interested parties When informed investors conduct proper research, and acquire tax lien certificates on the right types of properties, there are only two outcomes:.

This video will give you a thorough understanding of the tax lien certificate investment strategy, and all of the necessary basic fundamentals you must know before you get started. This powerful training will show you step-by-step exactly how the tax lien certificate investment process works A to Z.

Investing in tax lien certificates from home without having to travel to attend auctions is an absolute necessity. This training session will reveal the little known strategy of "assignment purchasing," which gives you the opportunity to safely acquire tax lien certificates from the comfort of your own home. There are 2 outcome objectives when investing in tax lien certificates: 1 earn high interest rates, or 2 acquire valuable real estate for pennies on the dollar.

Both are extremely profitable. This training session discusses both strategies in detail so that you can determine which strategy is best for you. The same risk factors that exist when purchasing your own home, exist when investing in tax lien certificates, with the exception of risky mortgages. Although risk factors exist, they can easily be avoided.

This training session reveals the most common risk factors, and how to avoid them. Please tell us where to send your free course Name. FACT 2: Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Lien Properties have been available in the United States for over years, and are one of the safest and highest yielding investment vehicles in the world today.

FACT 7: Through the Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Lien Property investment strategy, you can acquire valuable real estate for pennies on the dollar, and own free and clear with no mortgage. If None of the Interested Parties Pay the Delinquent Tax Bill, the Law Clearly States: "tax foreclosure will result in the loss of ownership of the property and all rights of all interested parties See what others are saying about the training Richards No Credit Card Required. A brief overview The Results The tax lien certificate is not redeemed, and the investor receives a free and clear deed to the property with no mortgage for as little as 5 to 10 cents on the dollar.

The information is presented in a clear and engaging style, and brings about a feeling of tremendous confidence and self assurance. We took out a calculator to help him understand the difference between earning 1. That's when he asked if he could put money from his savings account to do the same.

Thanks for what you and your staff do, and thanks for giving back!! I want to thank you for your dedication and continuous motivation to students. The online class on Thursday helped me take action to get the first lien under my belt. I am excited to use the information in helping me to provide a better financial future for my family. Thanks for your support. Have a great week! I just bought a tax lien - my first. It was great to get my first one and am pumped about many more to come.

Thanks for the great information you have put together, I truly do appreciate it. I look forward to one day helping others do the same. Take care and thanks for everything.

Over the counter tax lien investing courses vkc forex hyderabad time over the counter tax lien investing courses

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You set it. You forget it. You move on. That's definitely a benefit. I suppose when you talk about the pro of a guaranteed interest rate, that's nice. I am also going to argue it's a lot like a bank CD. A bank CD meaning you buy it, and then you're going to have to wait a couple of years before you can get back to it. My brother is a financial planner and he would call it liquidity.

Not very liquid. Once you buy it, you're going to have to sit on it. You could even sit on that thing for three years before you end up getting your money back. But it's a good rate of return, so it's not all bad. That can be a good little niche. Where they get really nice is this: When you get a situation where somebody passed away and the probate hadn't been handled all the way or they haven't fully transferred the assets over to the heirs or there's some sort of disagreement, and meanwhile it's barreling towards a tax foreclosure, maybe it goes to tax foreclosure.

Sure you have to compete against the other guys who are bidding at the tax deed sale, but sometimes you can get a pretty good deal there. That can be a great little option. That's where I'd rather be in the game is more on that side. I'm okay with the hands on. I don't need hands off, because I'm already in the flow of deals everyday. I want to be in the flow so that I don't want to get six or eight percent return on my money.

I want to do a lot better than that in a year, that's for sure. Again, certain parts of the country may do a little bit better. Hopefully I shared with you some insights that you wouldn't hear in other places, because this comes from the school of hard knocks.

We've just been through this so many times, we know where the benefits are. I'll say this, and I've talked about it earlier in this video. It's all about local, local, local. If you study this thing long enough in your local area, you talk to enough professionals who are doing it, you'll eventually begin to see where the opportunities are.

That's the key. It's about knowing what's going on locally, asking a lot of professionals in that area and finally digging into what's going on. Now maybe the guys at the auction that are bidding may not want to help you, but if you knock loud enough and long enough, you'll eventually wake somebody up.

Absolutely Sage Advice. Here Phil tells is like it is. Phil, thank you for providing straight forward instruction. You are one of a handful of seasoned, inventive, and honest investors! I currently have a contract on a tax lien property. My partner and I have a connection with someone who works for the city and can sell off these properties before the auction. The title company I am working with informed me that it would be at least 2 years before we could get clear title. Would we be unable to do anything with that property during that time?

Renting it out for instance? I understand that things are different in every area, I would appreciate any insight you can provide for me. I am in Houston Texas. You could rent it out between the time of purchase and the time of clear title. Once title is clear, then you can sell it. Very cool. I had training that included doing this. It sounded like an easy peasy deal to do.

I cannot thank you enough for this timely information. Thank you! You mention that you have to have money, but i read and listen in on training courses and they said that their first investment was as low 54 dollars. So are you saying this is impossible to do? There are some instances which require you to have real money; buying at Auction and Tax Lien Investing are two of them. Many of our students employ strategies taught her that require little or no money.

Thanks Phil, you make some great helpful videos and it is much appreciated!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge on tax liens. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to enrich. If the people have one or more loans through an institution or private that are open at the time of the tax sale, does the tax sale wipe out those loans? And what if there are other federal, state, liens on the property would I be responsible for those?

Yes, it can wipe out existing mortgages. Usually the mortgage holder will catch up and pay the taxes before the tax deed sale to avoid losing their investment. You touched on it briefly at beginning of video. But I did not get it. If a person holds a tax lien on the first yr taxes are not paid. And there not paid by the owner in the first yr and yr two rolls around and someone else buys the tax lien in yr two. Where does the person who bought the yr one lien sit?

Depends on the area. You would have to ask for your specific area that you are buying the tax lien in. I am going to go in the direction of relatively low investment, relatively low but steady cash flow environment. I, considering my age 72 am going to exercise prudence as well as a stern reality check and opt for using what I already know fully, to achieve a controllable small supplimental income.

In my past, I have moved too quickly without prudent investigation and lost money in the process. Then I went thru a period where I over-analized and did nothing. In that proces that took decades, I have learned to view proposals without emotion and probe for a firm basis in reality. Buy mainly I look at it to determine if it fits well with who I really am at that point in my life.

If have found over the years that things done for money mostly… are boring to the greatest degree. I prefer to enjoy what time I may have left here. Thank you for all the time you put into these issues. I am a beginning investor and I tried a tax lien course and it has cost much more than it was worth. I want to invest but my cash flow is nothing compared too a big pocket investor.

What is possible? Thanks for the insights, Phil. I wish I could have qualified for your apprentice program. If you say wholesaling without a license can be done in XYZ state, but not under PDQ conditions, that your words-resonate. Back in April, some RE investors had me come seek for them and even leave large post it note on doors.

I had several phone calls, traced down several missing parts, and got an appointment. We had a meeting in Sept I think it was. Well, here in AZ owners have a 3 year redemption period before they can lose the property in Tax Foreclosure, and they do it online in February.

Question 2: Have you or your students had success helping these People get rid of their property and get some cash prior to Auction? A couple of years ago I looked into tax liens in Illinois — Chicago Area, and the interest rate was very low. You had to bid on the rate and the lowest rate won. The benefit would be if you could get the title to the property, but that was not a easy. I agree with you there are better ways to invest your money.

Good video. Phil Good Presentation. I bought 7 tax Liens from Iowa this past June. We did not bid down the interest rate. That is only important when you foreclose on the property. One of our Tax Liens has already been redeemed. Like any investing, he got the big payoffs only occasionally. Great video the only thing I would like to request is further explanation on the types of deeds that are issued in terms of pros and cons. Like special warranty to limited to quit claim etc… thanks for the videos they are very informative.

Wish I had heard your video before I lost 12K on tax liens several years ago. I agree that there is a much better way of using the money. You are an amazing teacher. I ask this because years ago around Charlton Sheets days some guy advertised on tv a course on getting properties for first cheap in other states like this? Stay close to home. Far away deals create massive headaches.

There are plenty of small tax liens in LA County. I just got your book and this video was great. Being that I am from California and there are no tax liens locally, what do you recommend as a good place for me to start to get in the game? A year ago a noted R. Do you have any comments?

I have been semiretired for several years, used to do a lot of rehabs, pre-foreclosures and foreclosures as well as tax deed stuff in central Florida, Polk County and surrounding areas. Was a Law at that time in the to time periods, bought several tax deed properties about that time. The main difference I remember from that time, we had to a quiet title action on each of the tax deed foreclosures, which at the time had a cost of about twice the amount of a regular foreclosure.

Had to be done in order for anyone to be able to get a loan on the property. Please Let me know if is still true?? In Florida, if you win a tax deed sale auction, you have to pay what amounts to a few thousand to do a quiet title. I love the knowledge that you give and how your honest about everything I just finished reading one of your books I am going to get the second book restate gone bad. Please please can you be my mentor I am ready to change my life.

Good tax lein video Thanks Mike. I love the videos you send my way. Enjoy each and very one of them. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. The Quiet Title actions can take anywhere from days may vary from state to state. Overall, Phil, good presentation. I am very interested in this, especially investing in tax deeds.

However, you mention that you must learn and do business locally. I am an American citizen but I reside in France. How can I learn how to invest in tax deeds effectively from here. I know online auctions are available, but it is difficult to spot a good deal when I have no experience and I feel distant from the process. Although the auctions may be online, you want to know the property that the tax lien is attached to, which is why being local is so critical.

I would strongly avoid doing tax liens long distance. Great information, brief, to the point. It sounds good on the surface, but most of the properties have title issues, other liens, etc, and the overrages usually go to the other lienholders. You may nab a deal or two ever-so-often. I ve seen this in the daily news, very informative thanks. As Featured In. Click to rate this post!

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Phil, Great video the only thing I would like to request is further explanation on the types of deeds that are issued in terms of pros and cons. November 26, at pm. Corrie says. October 17, at pm. Fidel Cano says. Investment secrecy: Few people have ever heard about tax lien certificates. Even fewer people understand how to invest in them. Very little information is available on how to invest in tax lien certificates.

Successful investing is almost always about supply and demand. In the United States there are thousands of counties that have tax-lien-certificate auctions every year. At each auction, hundreds to thousands of tax lien certificates are usually available. No one person can cover more than a few counties in a few states per year. This virtually ensures that for the foreseeable future, the supply of certificates will be much greater than the demand.

Bryan Rundell is co-author of the book and online course, Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection , a book that profiles the wide range of investing options available to real estate investors in one comprehensive page manual that covers all 50 states and Canada. For two years, Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection has been one of the top real estate books on the Internet, selling over 5, copies. Click here to learn more Safely earn percent per year with government sponsored tax liens.

This list contains thousands of liens and deeds that can be purchased through the mail. Purchase liens and deeds through the mail or online.

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Over the Counter (OTC) Tax Lien \u0026 Tax Deed Tutorial with Stephen \u0026 Shade

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